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I odered a camera from Walmart on line. They charged my credit card and then canceled the order and said card numbers dont match.

I called the credit card company and they said the numbers were fine and Walmart.com had charged the amount to my account. Walmart.com told me on the phone they could not take the charge off my card but the numbers were incorrect so they will not send merchandise. I have no idea how they can say numbers do not match then charge me but they have. The credit card company does not know how they justify this either as it makes no sence.

For now I am stuck and it is a mess. The numbers they were referring to were those last 3 numbers on the back of your card. My advise is to never, ever do any online shopping with Walmart.com. I even have a order number confirmed for the purchase on record at the credit card outfit.

So in there eyes the purchase went through and I am charged but Walmart says no shipment will come, just the bill and tough cookies. I took hours to get to talk to a real person at Walmart.com and then the guy I talked to was giggling saying " Things like this happen, you must have the numbers wrong." Shame on you Walmart.com and shame on me if I ever do anything with you again.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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I will never order through Walmart.com, again. I am still waiting for a refund.

Based on similar complaints, I may not be refunded. I have filed a dispute through PayPal because that is how I pay for online merchandise.

If I receive a refund, it will be for that reason. Contacting Walmart customer care and the walmart pickup location in Casselberry, Florida has resulted in nothing but passing of the buck.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

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