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I decided to order the manual treadmill as a gift because of the big 'GET THIS ITEM BEFORE CHRISTMAS' sign lit up next to the price. I ordered this 14 days before Xmas using the site to store option to a distant WM location, which was available THAT SAME DAY (meaning it was in stock).

AFTER I PAID FOR IT, they decided to tell me that it wasn't in the store after all and it would take 3-6 days to get it in stock, while cancelling my product replacement plan that will take 10 biz days to refund, so had to buy another plan in the meantime. THEN I find out through my WM account (not email) that it actually wont be here until the 26th of DEC if I'm lucky!! Way to go making me give a late gift for XMAS! So I called them!

The CX service rep said that since it'd already been re-shopped there was nothing he could do except let me cancel the order and place another $100 order while waiting for my refund. No way will they get their hands on more of my money! They should have emailed me BEFORE re-shopping so that I could have opted out and chosen another option!! I ordered 2 weeks before XMAS. That's way enough time especially since their website is assuring customers that it will arrive before Xmas if you choose the ship to home option. I did nothing wrong.

I was misled into purchasing (because of the shipping promise) and WM did not honor their side of the deal to ship before Xmas. They should have re-sent me a new treadmill rushed at no charge and let the store keep the one on the way in their inventory, since they misled me into believing I would have it in time. Or at the very LEAST they should have sent a note to the processing center and told them to rush process it so that I get it asap.

There are trucks delivering stuff to WM several times a week, someone could have rush processed my order to get there sooner, since it wasn't my fault. I wasn't just a cx who changed her mind or ordered the wrong thing. All I did was support WM and I got the shaft. From now on, Walmart will get no more of my holiday money. I will support another store instead next time.

The CX service rep was understanding but not very helpful and he cut me off several times mid-sentence. He even told me that the person receiving it should just be grateful to get it at all, even after Xmas... like that was supposed to help the situation. I do not need a lesson in Xmas spirit. All I need you to do is fix the issue WM caused! QVC and other competitors were STILL promising Xmas delivery well after I ordered from WM. Why can't they get it together?!

UPDATE: I wrote this complaint 2 days ago but didn't take the time to post it, but now to make matters worse, I just checked back on the site and they have the SAME TREADMILL showing up at the SAME STORE LOCATION I ordered from as SAME DAY PICKUP! So if it's there they should email me and tell me that it's ready for pickup but of course that's too much of a right thing to do. Instead they're going to sucker someone else into buying it with the hopes of picking it up today, only to have their $$ taken and wait until New Years to get it. Shouldn't this be illegal? False advertising at the least?

If you want to look like the loser who breaks their promise and shows up empty handed, then by all means, take a risk and shop with WM online during the holidays!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: RUSH my product here before Xmas or give me a 50% discount in the form of a REFUND..

Walmart Cons: Long waits, Customer service, Late delivery, Holiday delivery not honored.

  • Failed Promises
  • Holiday Shipping
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This is typical of WM. Happened to me with site to store and store pickup.

Never again.

I've ordered online 'ship to home' many times.

Works great. Just select WM as the seller, not other sellers.


Actually every time a pick up today order is not available at the store does two things or they process a cancellation at the order for item out of stock or they ask the customer OVER an email if they want to cancel the or of they want them to ship the item to the store, if the customer does not reply the email on time the computer will send the order to the store. I know that since that happen to me and even do my Christmas gift arrive later they compensate me in a very good way. Was happy with their resolution.


They got me too. Order delayed till Jan 2nd.

Found it in antoher store and i plan on returning the one they send me for a refund. I knew there was a reason i never shop at walmart.