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2 comments states you could order online and check out using cash..but pay via EBT in ANY Walmart. Sounds easy..ok...i did!

But guess what??? IT WASN'T!! Expected I know!Went down to Walmart and tried to pay but lady said i could use ebt because i had a crockpot..i said ok..ill cancel the crockpot online and come back..i did..i thought i payed..looked online said processing.ok done right>..NOT! i get an email order canceled due to non payment WTH!

Do another order..because i figured it was canceled so the $$ will go to this order... I emailed them stating i payed for a order, they say ohh yes its processing will be there (date). guess what 2nd order was canceled due to non payment! Now i email again stating that I am confused did i pay or not why did my account say it did and u said i did but it was canceled due to non payment!?

didnt hear from them. So i called..they said i dint pay..they were right i called my card no fubds had been taken out. why my account says i did i dnt no..either way..I did another order..this time...I had no money on my EBT! I did so!!

As usual she had an attitude so i left ok fine don't need to argue in front of my kids.So I left went to one by my house..this time lady says its been paid printed a receipt stated..payment processing..I said..ok. then it did work?? I got home checked my account said reserved...and called them and asked WTH is going on did i pay or not..she said NO. I said why did she say i did??

she said i don't know but you didnt...Now that order too got canceled no payment received!! she said next time you go ask for manger he'll know what to do. ORDERED AGAIN! Couldnt find my order..they found money on your account..I HAD MONEY IN IT I CALLED MY CARD AND THEY HEARD MY BALANCE.

now everyone is on the phone with corp. Corp says nothing we can do..Manager says i dont know what to do!! 2hrs later i say i need to get this food to my brother!! i ended figuring out...i buy 50$ food with my ebt..return it they give me 50$cash and i use that cash to pay for the order!

payed it will be there by the 3rd..guess what I just got an email, they are sorry but it will be arrive the 7th!! LMAO jokes on me!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Online lies.

  • Payment error
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sound like to me you tried to use your ebt benefits to buy food and then return the food so you could buy useless stuff online? You are the worse kinda person, ebt is to feed your kids not to buy *** *** online.


Your complaint is all over the place. Maybe you should calm down before you post anything. I am trying to figure out what you are talking about.