Bryan, Ohio
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I and undoubtedly thousands of other victims stayed awake until 3AM EST so we could save some money on Christmas gifts this season. Excited that would be offering the full array of 'doorbusters' online.

Well, as I suppose should be expected, Walmart's only real plan was to make sure families were tired and frustrated for the Thanksgiving holiday. Within seconds of the 3:01AM mark, went "down" with unbelievably slow response time, continual error codes, broken shopping carts, and of course "SOLD OUT" status.

I was hoping for three items and had them all lined up ahead of time in my list - ready to add to cart, checkout, and be happy. Nope. Nada. Zero.

So, I called's 24 hour support. Another 49 minutes later and I talk to a lady, not from the USA, who sends me item numbers for comparable items to buy. One was the same item for $80 more, one was a different item with much fewer features for $30 more and one was unrelated. After 20+ minutes talking with her and some frustration she informs me to go to my local Walmart where there will be plenty of stock. I note that it is 5:15AM and she says "good news, the sale starts a 6 so you can get there now and get the items you want". So, I head to Walmart... Only to be told the sale doesn't start until 6PM. So, up all night (now 24+ hours awake) I am tired and frustrated and... Well, if I could destroy all Walmarts I would. Seriously, Walmart has the capability to have the infrastructure and inventory to have prevented this; they just don't have the heart.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Who the *** forced you to deprive your already suffering brain of sleep to shop at Walmart at 3 AM????


You do know that a lot of people shopped online for the sales that day, right? Walmart does not have some endless amount of stock somewhere.

Sometimes a product takes a week to come in. Sometimes the warehouse that they are coming from is completely out of a product.

I'm sorry that this happened.


Unfortunately some of these people think you can just wave a wand and the store can give you an item from its endless stockroom. Adults however know how to use simple logic and reasoning skills.


Adults with simple logic and reasoning skills could have realized before the much-hyped sale that this would inevitably result and programmed in a digital take-a-number system to minimize or prevent overselling their stock and control traffic volume on payment processing systems.


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