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I ordered a golds gymn XRS20 bench from these clowns online.I get there to pick my item just to realise that these clowns sent me a treadmill instead.

No problem, i'm a cool cat so i don't trip. I just ask for a refund, it took these clowns 1 hr to find the head clown. I call walmart on line which must be the clown central headquarters. All i asked was for them to sent the correct item via express delivery.

I don't think that was too much too ask for. These clowns refused!!! 2wks and 1hr of waisting my time.



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Please stop running scared from the top in Management and get some diverisity in your baking powder products.This year all other brands was taken on the shelf.

Please put your own brand name on the shelf without alum in it.

God didn't use this as a building block for human geno.Thanks!


I have to say......I used site to store one time and was very pleased. Yes problems occur, I work there so I know, but you have to realize even though its unfortunate that some people have problems there are ten times more people that dont. Sometimes bad things happen to good people but its mostly bad things happen to pissy people.


Don't be surprised.Here in Denver they hire people who may be illegal in order to pay such low wages and not have to offer benefits to.

People who have no desire to improve themselves or learn their store.Not only Walmart does this but many retailers like Kmart as well.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #58061

Sometimes managers are trying to help other customers and sometimes they are hard to find.Maybe if you wouldn't judge people so much then you wouldn't be so mad.

Get a better attitude and maybe things will go along better.

You have no idea what it's like to serve someone that just stands there only to criticize you or others.


:cry GET THE *** OVER IT


I had a problem at a Wal Mart one time, and they fixed the problem and were real nice about it.I had my oil changed there one afternoon, the next morning I saw a big puddle of oil on my garage floor.

I checked my oil and it had all leaked out. I put 5 qts. of oil in it and drove it to the store. I calmly told them what happened.

No problem. They reimbursed me for my oil change, they fixed the leak problem (oil filter was not properly seated), paid me back for the extra 5 qts. I put in, they offered to clean my engine of all the sprayed oil.

I told them I would rather clean it myself so they gave me a couple of gallons of degreaser and a bag of "oil dry" stuff to clean up the mess on my garage floor.They also gave me 2 extra free oil changes.


don't ever get anything shipped Site to store if you don't want your time wasted.

Plato, Missouri, United States #29945

Well do you "Expect" from a Large Department Store that "Hires" Illegal Aliens to work in their Stores.

Its too bad our Government & "Police agencies don't to their job and arrest them and have them deported back to where ever they came from.?

My second complaint is why is there only (1) cashier working at 6;30 am, and have one long line with at least 20 people on it. I AM FED UP, with this and wish there was another 24 Hr. store , so I could buy from them. I am sick of Wal-Mart and its Management and "Hired-Help". Those Non-Speaking Jerks that can't learn "English.

Park Hills, Missouri, United States #29356

Why on earth would you buy anything from walmart.They are horrible.

There product is horrible. I would just as well see the place go under.

They buy numerous items from other countries.Don't shop there.


I think a lot of people who put bad comments about walmart are working for unions. I work for a union going on 28 years and they are losing factories in our country. So they are trying to get into retail stores.

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