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I made a purchase on walmart.com on 11/29/14. I bought 5 items just so i could get the free shipping (over $50).

4 of the items so far are ok but 1 of the items was not.. I purchased a pair of shoes size 9.5 .. The listing has a default of size 6 with a drop down menu to select the size. So i selected size 9.5 and proceeded to check out.

I was then directed to check my items, so i did and it still said size 9.5, so i proceeded to pay and about 2 hours after i paid walmart.com sent me an email saying all items are processing.. so i scrolled threw the email and at the bottom it said they are sending me size 6! shoes, so I immediately contacted walmart.com customer support and asked if they could fix the order.. They replied with..

oh sorry we can't help you but you can cancel the order.. so i tried to cancel the order on walmart.com and a page popped up saying (OOPS THIS PAGE SEEMS TO BE MISSING OR HAS CLOSED). So i had no way to cancel it.. so i contacted customer support again and they replied with..

there's nothing we can do!, I finally got the page to load.. canceled the item (on 11/29/14), and Then today on 12/6/14 they shipped the *** size 6! shoe and said i waited to long to cancel it!!!!! and told me that i can't do anything about it.

I explained that i need the right size by christmas, they said sorry, i asked if i could get a code to get free shipping and order the correct size while i wait for the wrong ones to come.. they said no! I asked if i could EXCHANGE the shoes at my local store when they finally get here.. They said NO!

because the prices are not the same! so all's i can do is wait for them to come.. just to ship them back, and spend another $50 on walmart.com so i can get free shipping again and just hope they get here in time.. which they wont...

on top of this.. walmart charged my account on 11/29/14 at 11:59pm for the full order amount and it finally cleared yesterday... Just for walmart to put A SECOND hold on my account for the full amount .. so i was charged twice and they told me i have to contact my bank because their *system* doesn't show my account as being charged twice!

My bank charges $40! to even dispute a charge because i have free checking.... I'm so sick of walmart.com .. If you have never used it..

just don't even try it.. walmart stores are bad enough.. walmart.com is 1000x worse! its like kids run customer support online, Never in my life have i ever had to deal with this much *** over a purchase..

do yourself a favor and just use amazon or ebay.. at least they don't play games like walmart.com does

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

  • Walmart Scam
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Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #912446

Or just don't buy shoes on the internet period. In person is better.

I would call your local Walmart store instead of asking them because the last time I checked you could do that, but that was a few years ago. You can't try clothes or shoes on before you buy them when you're shopping on the internet.

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