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I purchased a television stand from Walmart.com three and a half weeks ago. I was told it would arrive no later than the 13th of April, and on the online tracking it said it would arrive at the store for pickup by the 5th of April.

We were emailed today saying we were credited for the amount we spent, figuring since it was late they were trying to make up for their mistake. We emailed them back asking what the situation was with the order and found out it was "lost is transit" and we would have to reorder, but they would give us free shipping to our home. I called to complain that no one ever updated us until now, and it was after we contacted them. I was then told everything I already knew concerning the status of the order and in addition to that, that the item was currently out of stock and I could order something else and they'd still give us free shipping.

Walmart is not interested in keeping people's business, they are only worried about saving money.

Their automated telephone answer talks about personal relationships with the customer and they value every customer. They did not keep track of my order throughout the process until it was too late and there lack of support or willingness to help has caused them to lose my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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I just had my TV lost in transient,lol!I chatted online and to make things worse he never did offer me anything like free shipping on my order to get a different one because its out of stock.I ordered it online on Black Friday.He said he would refund it but will take up to 5 business days,i mean wowwww now i have to wait that long to get another tv,then he said it would be 24 hours,what a sad joke he is.Thank God for Amazon where they do make up for their goofs!


Same exact problem , no e-mail, no contacting me when it got lost until I e-mailed them , they asked if I want a refund or replace the item , I replied " I want replacement" , they just ignore my e-mail and didn't answer anymore, when I was trying to see the statue of my order again it was returned?

Actually this happens more than once either lost in transit or out of stock after you already buy it .


I had this problem just now i ordered a television black friday and was just informed today by e-mail no phone call on a $600 order that it was lost in transit and automatically refunded. I called and they said i cant re order the television until my refund hits and that i will not receive the item by christmas because they choose to automatically refund me rather then contact me properly and ask if i wanted a new item shipped.

They claim they can not expedite my item for me or provide me with one of the televisions in stock in the store because they have the exact same one in stock in my local store.

It took them weeks to inform me it was lost and they did not properly inform me as far as im concerned an e-mail is not a proper way to tell me a $600 item is missing. I want my item in time to give it as the gift it was intended to me.


Looks like they did the right thing, they lost the product during shipping, refunded you your money and to make up for the goof they are offering free delivery to your home so you don't have to go to the store to pick it up. If the item is out of stock I can understand some frustration.

But stop being such a *** looks like they went as far as they could to keep your buisness. Any 'smart' person would take their offer and get another item or wait till the item was back in stock.


What qdo you want? When they discovered the product was missing they issued credit and informed you be e-mail.

They then offered to ship a new order to your home at no charge rather than the store. Seems like they are trying to make the situation right.