Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Ordered 8 packages of Sparkling Grape Juice (12 bottles in a package) on 07/08/15 (Order # 4601555-872087). Need it for a Wedding on 07/18/15.

Received only 4 packages on 07/11/15. Called on same day, 07/11/15, and went through a poor automated phone system, which indicated there is no order associated with my phone #, however my account shows my phone # is associated with the order #. Prompted to Enter order #, but nothing happened, kept asking me to enter order #. Finally got through to a rep without entering order #.

Rep was able to process a new order, but instead of putting it all under 1 order #, rep split it into 2 orders (Order # 2677169-588849 & 2677170-413312). 07/14/15, checked account. It shows that orders are in the "processing" phase. Checked my email, no updates from

Called poor automated phone system again and went through same issues the first time. Informed Rep of the "processing" phase. Rep indicated that it has been shipped. Asked Rep to provide tracking or confirmation # on what he told me.

Rep put me on hold, came back and states there is no such number at this time. Informed me that he is going based on estimated delivery date of 07/15/15. Rep informed me to wait until after 07/15/15 to find out what the issue is. 07/15/15 came and went, no product received.

07/16/15, received email indicating order has been delayed. Called, went through automated phone system, however this time, it was able to associate my phone # with the order #. Still had to provide both order # to the Rep again. Had to cancel order because there is no way to know at this point if products will be delivered on time for the Wedding on 07/18/15.

Rep states cancellation is completed, but will have to wait 24 hours to receive confirmation through email. Rep states money will be refunded in 48 hours, however, my overall experience with gives me doubt that a refund will go smoothly. Only time will tell. Will check email and bank account in 48 hours to see if refund has been issued, as the Rep indicated.

All issues could have been avoided if all products were received the first time around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Should have gone to liquor store and bought champagne