Baltimore, Maryland
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Placed order on Black Friday to avoid dealing with lines. After completing order I received message that the website was having tech difficulties.

I noted my PayPal was charged but after reviewing order several items were not on order. I cancelled entire order and placed a new one. Even after cancelling original order I still received the items ( no I was not refunded either) which meant that I needed to go to the store to return. Dealing with wasn't an option.

However on the second order I received an email indicating that one item wasn't available and if it had not been shipped in 10 days it would be refunded. After numerous emails and phone calls I still have not been refunded. I have been told that there is a glitch and I will see the refund in 3 days. It's December 31st and I have still not seen the refund.

I even told them just send me an e-card for the amount and we will be done with it. They refused stating that I will have the refund in 3 days. The amount is $20!!! Every time I call I'm told there are no managers available.

I always have the pleasure of speaking with a supervisor who claims there is no one above them. I ask for their superiors names and have been refused. I spoke to one supervisor named Kimberly who told me after I stated that Walmart needed to compensate me for their inability to refund my account for their glitch and she told me and I quote "not going to happen". I demanded 6 times to speak with her supervisor and she refused to connect me or to give me the name.

These people are not held accountable.

I will get this refunded and I will only shop at Kmart from here forward. No more Walmart in 2013 for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I am appalled at all of the reviews on this site resulting in no refund for merchandise paid for but not received after ordering from I disputed the order through PayPal after getting the major run-around when contacting; however, after reading so many reviews, I have little hope.


let us know how shopping at KMart works for you-lol


Shopping anywhere will be better than