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i buy stuff at all the time. well the other day i wanted to buy some kashi cereal in bulk.

i wanted to honey puffed wheat, this product is really hard to get. anyways.... they are offering 12 boxes @ $75.48 which works out to be $6.29 a box. how crazy is that?, when you can get it @ the actual walmart store for around $4.00 a box.

isn't the purpose of buying in bulk to save a few bucks? so anyways i called to inquire about why the online pricing was so high? the rep on the phone said i was looking at a different product, which i was not. i also went on and saw that for the same exact cereal in the same size was sold for $4.29 a box.

so why is selling it @ $6.29 a box? if i was a dumb *** and couldn't do math i would have purchased this product thinking i got a deal. beware of people.

you may think you're getting a deal, but you're really getting the shaft. now wonder they aren't wanted in nyc......

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Bigger packages cost more. You were comparing items of different size.

If you want 12 of the smaller packages, then go to the store and buy them. OMG


They more due to the cost of shipping. But since you morons lack common sense I can see why you didn't know that. Amen Tasha!


I've noticed the same thing with regular everyday products on and samsclub. It's cheaper to just buy it singly or in store but I presume they mark up the price because most people automatically think they're getting a great deal because it's in bulk.

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