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I placed an online order with for an outdoor pool table- after taxes it was a total of $856. This was going to be a Christmas present(my only present) for my family.

I corretly put my billing and shipping info into the order. The next day I receive an email stating that walmart cancelled my order because billing/shipping info was incorrect. It was correct! My card has an authorization hold for the total amount- so obviously i gave correct info.

I called and spoke to 7 different people with walmarts customer service. Was told the charge woukd be gobe and my funds would be available again gor me in 24 hours. I was told i was being transferred to a supervisor and hung up on instead 2 times.

They were rude and totally unprofessional. It is now the 23 of December i cannot buy more presents for my family because my funds are not available die to the pending $856 charge!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LMFAO...."ruined Christmas" This is the exact inverse of how the Grinch thought the world works. Too funny bro


Oh grow up, just because you did not get your way does not mean you were treated rudely. Also you obviously do not know the true meaning of Christmas if it was "ruined" because of this. I guess to you gifts and money are more important than family spoiled brat.


Don't wait till the last minute to do you Christmas shopping and you wouldn't have this problem.


Sometimes people have to wait until they have the money. You are my helpful.