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I want to report an issue with that has arose since I began using the website. They are sending out automated emails with customer information that they claim is a site error.

I have complained to the Better Business Bureau and to directly and they have not resolved the issue. Here is the problem. They are sending out emails with the subject "You Left Something in Your Shopping Cart at" but I don't have anything in my cart. When I spoke with them they were rude but they assured me it was a site error.

When I pointed out I am a website developer and that I know exactly how this works and that I know it can be fixed with a simple piece of code they said they have fixed it. I am still getting them. The email is addressed to me but it link is back to my cart. I have two problems with this scenario.

First, if the site is sending out information from my cart who is to say it is not sending out information to someone else with my personal information in it? If this is a site error then why is it not being addressed. Since I am in the industry I can assure them this can be resolved in minutes. I believe this is a scam by to send emails to clients and lure them back to their website without it being considered spam.

That makes it a scam. I am reporting them to as many sites as I can so they get the message, the public will not stand for this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Are you sure this is a legitimate Walmart email? There have been many spoofed Walmart email addresses trying to trick people into clicking the links, as it looks legit, but when they click on the link, they can get a virus, or it can get the email sender access to your account information, if you click on their link and sign in, versus going out of that and actually going to the real Walmart page and signing in.

I get these emails all the time and they look slightly different, but I go out of the email and go into the Walmart site and there is nothing in my cart.

Even Walmart acknowledges that people are sending out fake emails in their name and warning people to be careful. There are some ways you can tell if it's a fake email, especially if you are used to the real ones.

#717765 is technically not the same as the store it is a front of another company that in a sense purchased the name and the stores work with them, hence why the prices are different and if you want the online price you need to have it shipped to site to store.


It is walmart, not a front for another company. Where do you get your information from?

Walmart prices are not the same in any of their stores due to their locations. Please do some research and know what your talking about before you comment.