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About 7 years ago, Walmart.com customer service was established in Hattiesburg, MS. The address still is 5912 U S Highway 49, Suite C-11. Hattiesburg, MS 39401. This is in the Cloverleaf Mall. The City of Hattiesburg gave Walmart several years of tax breaks for bringing jobs into this area. However, being Walmart everything was done on the cheap. The reason I created this complaint is because I was made aware of wrong doings by this company. I was customer for a long time. However, a friend of mine on the inside made me aware of all the wrongdoings at this location. These crimes were never to best of anyone’s knowledge made public which is a violation of the law. Since then I have totally distanced myself from Walmart. I no longer have any stock. I cancelled my Sam’s Club account after Rosalind Brewer’s statements. Of course I canceled my Walmart.com account. I don’t even shop at the stores anymore. Does this sound extreme? You bet!

During the time Walmart.com operated in Hattiesburg, MS several workers were fired and arrested. They were stealing customers’ credit card and debit card information. One lady had a notebook full of Walmart.com payment information of several customers. Also they were using the “Make Order Free” option to send merchandise to their homes. Upper management discovered these crimes. They called the police and had these employees arrested. That was one good thing they did. However, not of these crimes were reported to the public. That should have been done. This company decided police reports were enough and informing the people (particularly the stockholders) would hurt the company. Also during this time, employees showed up to work wearing pajamas. How unprofessional is that! The center director who is still in charge did not care. Corporate paid her a visit and changed the dress code policy. The center director is Debbie Williams. She nags that corporate makes her job overwhelming. That is her reason for all of the wrongdoings. Debbie makes about $100k a year. In light of this large salary she does not believe taking proper action to protect customers’ financial information is important. Maybe she is just too overwhelmed to realize the severity of all of this. Maybe playing the blame game is easier than taking responsibility. Maybe corporate told her to just file the police reports and do nothing else.

My friend informed me that Walmart.com was relocated to somewhere in California. The Hattiesburg location is now just a call center for complaints. When someone calls 1-800-WALMART they are led to believe they are calling Bentonville, AR which is the location of the corporate. Instead they are calling the center in Hattiesburg, MS. Agents there tell customers they are calling Bentonville. Callers are being lied to.

To make matters worse, my friend said that she and several others still have access to Walmart.com even though Walmart.com is no longer in Hattiesburg. This is a gross violation of customer’s confidential financial information. Anyone with access can go in and steal information. Either Debbie or the Higher Powers to be in Bentonville do not believe this is important. Well it is. I was told that Walmart does not hire the best and brightest. From what I shared about the Hattiesburg extension that is true-LOL!

Since being made aware of all this I had told family and friends not to buy anything off of Walmart.com. Also they should close their accounts completely. I always had a slight distrust about Walmart when the first store came to Hattiesburg years and years ago. Now, I am convinced this company does not care anything about its customers after what I was told about the call center.

If you are customer, stockholder or Walmart.com user and want to express dissatisfaction with the Hattiesburg Call Center location then please reach out to the current CEO Doug McMillon.

Here is his information:

Douglass McMillon

Phone: (479) 273-4000

Email: Doug.McMIllon@walmart.com or Doug.McMillon@Wal-mart .com

Address: 702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72716

If you want to contact the Hattiesburg location then you can call 1-800-WALMART or 601-554-1700. Another good number is 601-554-1800.


A former Walmart customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Lied to.

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Thanks for posting this. I am glad someone has the guts to show the shameful side of the Walmart office syndrome.

I live in Biloxi. I have heard horror stories about the Call Center in Hattiesburg.

Their management is second class much like their employees and much like the negative responders to this post.


Thanks for posting this. I never liked Walmart to begin with.

The incompetence was always at an all time high. They keep the same people who don't know anything about professionalism. I canceled my Walmart.com account years ago.

I am glad I did.


Sounds like you have a personal axe to grind about this "Debbie."


I sure do. She makes all of that money and can't even provide basic account protection.

Sounds like you are on her side.

You must work there.

@Axe Grinder

Hey Rollo,

Seems like you don't have much of a life. You have spent your time making 138 comments on things you probably don't about.

I am glad Axe Grinder reported this.

Whether it is personal or not the Hattiesburg location should have reported these internal breaches to the public. Doesn't look like they did.

@Bill Anderson

You have no life if you went and read all his comments. Not only that it is apparent that you are the same person that wrote this review.

@Axe Grinder

she sure does cause she charges too much for her cakes like nutty bars and chocolate chip. reasonable on her brownies, but high on her cupcakes. she also has honey buns


well Debbie needs to go make her snack cakes, little debbie