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1. 5.19.13

I ordered a Frigidaire 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner FRA052XT7 online thru ‘site to store’ and received confirmation that my order was ready to pick up.

2. 5.22.13

I arrived at the ‘Site to Store’ desk in Valley Alabama at 3:47pm EST. The desk was not attended so I waited approximately 10-12 minutes and then called the store phone and asked them to send someone to assist me. A clerk arrived after another 6-8 minutes and attempted to locate my item in the warehouse, but reappeared at the desk after approximately 15 minutes without my item and offering no explanation about why it was taking so long. I asked if there was a problem and her simple reply was “I can’t find it”.

She continued to look at something in the computer, seemed to ignore my request to have a manager come to assist, and disappeared several times (I suppose to look for my order) but since she offered no explanation I can only assume this. I called the main store number from my cell phone and asked for a manager to be sent to the Site to Store desk.

A manager later identified as Gordan Elkin arrived along with another employee later identified as Veronica Knight. After another wait, Mr. Elkin appeared with my order. He found it in the return section and said they were about to send it back (even though my confirmation indicated I had until June 2nd to pick it up).

The box was in distress, and appeared to have been opened and re-taped. I insisted we open it while store employees were present to witness any damages. Mr. Gordon opened the box but did not take the AC completely out so we did not do a complete inspection. I noticed a few cosmetic scuffs and noticed the side panels appeared to have minor damage, but decided to accept the item anyway. Mr. Gordon and Ms. Knight said I could return it if I found anything wrong when I got it home.

3. I left the Site to Store desk with my AC at 4:48 pm, 61 minutes after I arrived.

4. At home I discovered:

a. The window support bar that goes across the top of the AC had already been installed (backwards).

b. The back grill was dented and flattened in several places.

*This was not visible when we inspected it at the store since the AC was not taken fully out of the box.

c. Hardware was missing.

It is apparent that this item had been previously sold, poorly repackaged, returned, resold as new.

5. I returned the AC back to the Customer Service desk the same day. The clerk, who was not courteous or professional, refunded the cost of the item minus $3.29 and said that was for non refundable shipping. * I later received an e-mail indicating the actual cost of my item had changed and I was being credited $3.29 towards the purchase, so the clerk was incorrect in stating this was a non refundable shipping charge.


a. Two trips to Walmart totaling 59.2miles- one to pick up item and one to return.

b. Wasted 3 hours- trip to pick up, at home inspection, trip to return item.

c. I still do not have an air conditioner.

d. Knowledge that Wal-Mart re-packages returned items and sells as new.

e. Confirmation that Wal-Mart employees are not knowledgeable, professional or courteous.

f. Decision that I will not shop at WalMart again and will promote this action to others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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So my boyfriend bought me a printer from Walmart for Christmas. At first I realized the ink was already installed but didn’t make anything of it believing that it came preinstalled.

I opened it up, set it up and realized it was defective. Wouldn’t print correctly and I ran every troubleshooting for the model and still wouldn’t work. He takes it back to return it and we go buy another one.

This time though, I realize that this printer was sealed properly and was packed differently, with the inks vacuumed sealed and not already installed.The other he bought previously was no seals and the cord was unpackaged, with the ink already in the printer. With this realization I do believe Wal-Mart repacked a known defective printer and sold it as new and to me that seems like a terrible business practice and I’ll be buying my electronics elsewhere from now on.


Walmarts in my area seem to put ‘open-box’ and returned items back on the shelf to sell as NEW, this is the second time that I have bought electronics from Walmart (from two different locations) only to find out after getting home that item I bought was used and returned to store by someone else and Walmart just restocked the item which they sold as new. Each of the items where over $100 (USD) each, so when spending $100 on anything from the store you would expect it to be new and not used.

Walmart employees I spoke with didn’t seem to care. Well, there are other places to spend my money at.


I purchased a tv at this walmart and the tv had a cracked screen and didnt work. When I took it back the damn TV's serial number did not match the serial number on the box.

CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE! They did not allow me to swap it out for another working tv and they also refused to give me my money back. I was also embarrassed when 5he cops showed up..... yeah they called the cops on me!



I bought an AC unit and when I got home, the unit inside was not the same brand, about 20 years old, broke, had red paint poured and dried on it, had a half inch of crud on the filters and when I brought it back 15 minutes later was accused by the manager of trying to scam Walmart and was not going to refund my money. About 30 minutes of arguing later, he refunded my money.

I do hope they eventually catch the person that did this but I certainly didn't think I was going to be the guilty party and at risk of losing $300 over this.

Niceville Fl. Walmart.




I ordered a dutch oven cooking table from and the order was fulfilled by Walmart. Item was damaged and rusted and box showed it obviously had been a return.

I was refunded and ordered same item on amazon from CA Global Distribution. Again, fulfilled by Walmart and yet another damaged/returned item that actually had huge sections of lumpy rust painted over.

Box obviously was opened and retaped a couple of times. I’m appalled at Walmart shipping damaged goods as new.


I just purchased a ps4 slim 1tb model. I got it out of the glass case.

When I opened it up, the console had obviously been unwrapped before and the controller was missing. The woman in electronics was extremely rude about it, but costumer service checked all the items, marked it as missing a controller, and did the return.

I bet electronics will put it right back on the shelf anyways and that's why the woman back there was so nasty about me wanting an exchange. If you buy ANYTHING from Wal-Mart, especially as a gift, make sure you check it out immediately because they will scam you


Every week thing for me..... Getting sick of it!

Just bought a DEFECTIVE dash cam all scratched to h e l l. The flash card had video from last year.

*** Walmart. Contacting the ftc and attorney general.


Same thing almost - I just purchased a 'new' fan from them only to find a Walmart slip inside stating that it was returned 5 days prior for being defective. Also black hair- I do not have black hair and am not sure which disturbs me more- sad.


Most stores sell their surplus/returned merchandise online this way.


I've brought "new" products that were apparently used and defective. I have a nephew who worked for Walmart years ago who told me Walmart would do this.


Sounds like the employee was an ignorant inbred hag like me and ladyscot.


Most of the time, almost all stores, catalogs, online shopping don't refund the cost of shipping. However, being it was shipped Site to Store there wouldn't have been a shipping fee.

The clerk that told you this more than likely made a mistake. Anytime anybody orders something the chances are 50-50 that they will want to return it.


As stated in my notes, I realized the clerk was mistaken about the shipping charges. The difference was a discount already applied to my purchase.