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I placed an on 9/13 and signed up for Walmart's 2 day shipping pass to try free for 30 days. When I ordered the items that totaled under $50, the shipping was indeed free and it appeared that I was not charged for it.

When I checked on line the following day to see when my order would arrive, it said 9/19, which was not 2 business days but 3. I called customer service at and was told by the agent that he would update the shipping info and it would indeed arrive on 9/16 AND I would receive an $8 credit for the inconvenience. I did NOT receive this order today. When I called to ask what happened, the customer service rep said there was no note regarding the shipping date change or the credit.

She also said that there was no indication as to who I spoke to because there are different call centers so there is no way to know who it was that lied to me about this. She then went on to explain that NONE of my items were eligible for Shipping Pass. It seems that the words Shipping Pass appears under the price but that does not mean that it actually qualifies for shipping pass. Clearly the item pages seem designed to look like the items qualify for shipping pass even when they don't.

When you click on the "ShippingPass" icon under the price, it says "Try ShippingPass Free for 30 days" (see photos below). Since I wasn't charged for shipping when the order was placed, it looked like they did qualify. So, the combination of the lying customer service rep, the bait and switch tactic and the fact that you can't tell what qualifies and what doesn't is so shady I can't even stand it.

So I'm cancelling the ShippingPass membership and letting everyone know to beware of this option when ordering from If the free shipping on each item is purposely difficult to figure out, what's the point?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Walmart Cons: Lying customer service rep, Purposely misleading shipping pass availability.

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yes beware, unlike amazon prime, shipping pass is subject to the descretion of Walmart and they use discretion with impunity and can invalidate your shipping benefit at will, so much for discounted shipping from Walmart don't waste your money on these crooks


I totally agree. Shipping times were MUCH faster without this PAID "service" which sucks.

I used to get my items within a week, and now some items take an entire month. The ONLY good thing is free shipping on any size order, but even that isn't worth it because it takes so long!! Not only that, but at first (during the free trial) they would deliver my orders to my door, which they are supposed to do. NOW they deliver to my post office, and then I get yelled at because I didn't put my PO box on the package!

I want my money back, but they refuse! TERRIBLE!!!