My 2 daughters raised money to buy a long-time dream: a swing-set. They have been waiting for 3 years,because I was sick with breast cancer and was not able to help them with the money .

Girls have been saving all money they got for holidays ,birthdays ,allowances....It was one of the biggest dreams for them to bay a swing-set !!! I appreciate their dedication and over the last birthday party we asked all friends to consider a cash donation for a present. We ordered the swing-set that they wanted on the website Walmart.com .We ordered it 7/28/2014 and it supposed to arrive at the store by 8/12/14..and I supposed to receive an e-mail before pick-up... The day of pick-up came and there were no e-mail ,I called the store and Walmart.com-they did not know what happen-wait little bit I was told.I waited 3 days called again, and result nothing in the store,representative from the website told me because in was not in stock they want to give me money back.I did not want my money back I said I 'd rather wait.I called today 08/25/14 asked about the order and found nobody even bother to put that reorder in the computer...nobody knew that I was calling several times- nothing was done -no records of me calling at all!!!!

I talked to the representative and supervisor -they placed a new order today 08/25/14 and they do not know when it will arrive in the store!!! My children very upset and i do not have good explanation for them!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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