Miami, Florida

I ordered an inflatable bed worth $69.55 from on Sept.15, 2011. Till today Feb 7th 2012, I have not received the product or the refund.

I've contacted Walmart on several occasions, but I've been transferred from customer service Reps to Financial Reps and all they can say is we'll contact you in 2 to 3 days but it's been almost 5 months with no luck.

I went to a Walmart store and spoke to the manager to see if they could help me out, but his response was, " sorry buddy, there's nothing I can do to help you, here's the phone so you can call them".

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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This is outrageous! I have been waiting for a refund since June 25 for items that were not available.

I am getting a run-around. They promised the refund within 7 days, then said they could not process the refund.

Now, they are saying that the refund cannot be processed until a "hold is released" and that no funds were transacted. This is totally inaccurate because my PayPal account and my bank account shows a transaction that was paid.


Go buy one in a store. And stop ordering things online if you have shipping issues.

If this ever happens again; it's your own fault. And it was probably your fault this time.

I'm going to assume you gave them a bad address or have a poorly marked delivery address at your house/apartment/etc. If the delivery guy can't see your address clearly from the road when he's going 55mph, it's not big enough or it's in the wrong spot.