Charlotte, North Carolina

Within 3 minutes of midnight, 14 of 17 items in my black friday shopping list were "unavailable". I spent hours following Walmart's directions and created the shopping list earlier in the week.

When I tried to order at midnight, I thought it was a computer glitch and kept trying until morning. This to me is classic bait and switch. Do major advertising for great deals, limit your quantity so severely the entire stock is gone within minutes and hope customers will order more expensive things. A supervisor for named, "Chenise" admitted many items were gone within "1 minute" of availability.

No rainchecks and Walmart thinks saying sorry, while quantities last is enough to avoid any liability.

Any other custormers interested in a bait and switch class action lawsuit? I am sure there is a lawyer or two and a few retailers who would love to see consequences to this fraud.

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Walmart DID NOT force you to shop from their website. Walmart DID NOT force you to do anything against your will.

You were one of the many thousands of people who missed out on Black Friday items this year.

This was not a bait and switch by any means. Learn the its definition before you throw out terms incorrectly just to suit your needs.


How can an online store be guilty of bait and switch? How did they use high pressure sales tactics to persuade you to buy a more expensive item?

Oh they didn't? Then I guess you should educate yourself on what bait and switch really is instead of just throwing it out whenever you don't get your way.

It isn't fraud either. You seriously need a bit more education. They had a Black Friday sale.

They ran out of the items you wanted. It happens every year at every store on Black Friday.

Black Friday sale items are in extremely limited quantity. Get over it.