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Update by user Mar 22, 2013

I cannot return them and get what I ordered, I ordered them from the website because they do not have them in my local store because the inventory says there are some on stock but there is not and I tried for 2 months to get them to zero it out and order some and they never did.

So I figured screw it and ordered them from the site but they in turn just sent a message to the store to set a side the ones they are suppose to have but do not for me. This is where the employee substituting something else comes in they figured since I am male I do not know what I really want and they could just give me anything, so they gave me ones that are blackout and same maker but not the suede finish.

So if I return them and order again I will get same results so I am unable to get the ones I want. it is what use to be called a catch 22.

so I paid thru paypal and explained all this to them after filling a dispute and got my money back. I have them in my bedroom they are not what I wanted but considering they are free I will live with them.

So for those *** that said this complaint is *** just goes to show if you do not know all the details of what is going on shut your mouth, keep your *** opinion to yourself oh and up yours!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2013

I ordered some curtains from, when I went to the store I was given the wrong ones, when I complain has trained their employees to be confrontational and threatening but if you stand up for yourself they say your not being professional and disconnect the call. The employees on the phones do not give any information to identify them just a factious first name. So the employees are free to threaten and harrass disconnect calls at will with impunity.The local employee talks to me like I am *** like since I have a *** I do not really know what I want or ordered and tried over and over to tell that this is the material I ordered.Vial filth a typical example of communist corporate america!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I agree with LadyScot. When you order online, there are some things that can be returned to the store, as long as you present, all of the paperwork, and packaging.

Did you mean that the employees give a fictitious first name, and how do you know that it is fictitious?

No matter what company I call, their employees only ever give the first name.


The local employees have nothing whatsoever to do with the website company. Send them back and get a refund. And stop acting like Walmart is the only company that has issues with their online store.