Houston, Texas
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This is how I received my order at walmart. This is not the first time.

I'm so sick of receiving my orders with damage all over. I went to complain and ask to look up for a cleaner/no damage on the box. They pull up and said there was 2 in stock. That I as a customer have to look for it, that their system could be wrong and have none!

What kind of people are they hiring at walmart. Rude, Slow and Don't speak english.

Walmart has the customer services worker ever. I complain before so many time and not once received a response.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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If their system, like every other retailer, shows they have 2, and there are none on the shelf, there could be two floating around in someone else's shopping cart, or one has been taken from the shelf and shoved somewhere else by a lazy customer, or the count could be off by one, or one could have come in damaged. Your statement about employees being lazy and rude is ***. You get the reaction you give.


They don't hire Americans at Walmart anymore. They hire border hoppers from south of the border. These so-called "dreamers" of Obama's


I agree. Seems as though youre in a foreign country anymore, especially in Texas


Yes that is the point and im sorry if i upset you. M just sick of seeing this guys racist garbage all over the place.

Merry Christmas. And yes i grew sick of walmarts attitude toward the customer a long time ago.


Not racist, just stating the truth about these people, their behavior and habits.


kevin and pissedthefukoff you are both fighting like two preschoolers. Please stop.

I wrote this review to tell how walmart ruined my child's Christmas. I hate it when companies hire people who are slow and with disabilities, why the greeter has down syndrome and though I have no issue with these people there are many other people out there who can do a job better than someone with a low IQ. The point is that the people they hire are slow and they are known for hiring people who are disabled and cannot do the job in the same manner that an abled body person can do. i complain about them hiring people like this but they don't do a thing, they just keep hiring them, that is why the boix was damaged.

this was supposed to be a gift for my niece, but now i am forced to tell her that i did not get anything and make her cry on christmas because i cannot give a gift with a box like this now can I. I have to remember something she did that upset me and tell her that is why I did not give her the gift, and i cannot give it to anyone because i have no children. the down syndrome greeter is rude and does not say hi to me.

kevin is right about one thing though if someone does not speak English they should not be hired. If someone is disabled and obviously less qualified than someone else that other person should be hired, hiring a disabled person who cannot do a job that well is discrimination against normal people.


Would I be wrong if I guessed that you also oppose welfare?

How should people with disabilities be treated? Do you wish for more qualified people at the door greeting and a person

with a disability at a check out or returns desk?

Are you upset because a greeter did not greet you, are you upset that a well person is perhaps under or unemployed because a disabled person got a job at Walmart or is the real problem simply that you don't want to see a person with Downs Syndrome employed?

You sound like a person that has very strong convictions that are firmly rooted in ignorance and a lack of social graces.

At least the greeter dud not tell you to go effects yourself, which is what many people need to tell you. The greeter with Downs Syndrome has a job. As with most people, employment is empowerment, independence, and a boost for self esteem, and awareness that disability does not equal dependence I'd rather spend eternity surrounded by the disabled than a m Hello do ever reply back inute with the hateful, rude, entitled, or those lacking compassion.

This is the first time I've ever read a comment that hateful and ignorant and felt MORE sorry for the author than the victim. You lead an existence I would not wish upon anyone.


You are utterly disgusting, and your ignorance is astounding. The greeter is simply there to as the name implies..

greet the person, it is not a job that requires a college degree to do. A person with downs is simply happy to have a job, to be treated as everyone else is. An able bodied often will see being a 'walmart greeter' as a demeaning job below them.

But let us see the facts here, the greeter with DS did not damage your package, they have not harmed you in any way shape or form other then denying you the attention you obviously crave so highly. Your package which I can not tell if it is for your child, or your niece as you say both in your post despite claiming to not have children, was more then likely damaged by 'able bodied' workers in the distribution center.

What is truly disgusting about this reply, is you actually lied to a young girl, made her believe she had done something wrong.. all because you could not be bothered to tape up a damaged box...Did you even look to see if anything inside was damaged?

I know common sense is so rare it's a super power but my god.

I have seen some people with absolutely putrid souls thanks to the internet, I did not think I could find someone that climbed so rapidly to the top of the list as you did.


Poor english isnt the izsue

The issue is paying for merchandise that arrives beat all to he.ll. Dont you have some racial statements to make somewhere?

Youre just a 16 yo snot nose kid. You cant even vote yet therefore youre entitled to nothing. Btw i put screen shots of your racially charged statements towards blacks on consumer affairs too. As far as this woman having poor english have you considered maybe shes latino indian maybe pakistani thats not fluent in english?

Of course you have.

Thats why youre attacking her. That racist edge is sining through.


You apparently do not know how to read, the point is she should not be calling someone else's English poor when hers is not perfect. Perhaps you should have an adult read this for you? Maybe she is the racist one because she thinks that it is bad that the employees don't speak perfect English.


Dont pay any attention to 16 year old *** boy below. His aptitude consists of making very racially charged statements towards black people on certain peoples comment section.

Somebody screen shotted some of them and sent them to a well known black celebrity. As far as walmart yes hey su.ck and i mean *** They literally laugh and sneer at the customer these days. I suggest using Target.

You pay just a little more but get oh so much more in return. And no i dont work for Target.


If you knew how to read you would see that if this person is going to say someone's English is poor, at least she should make sure hers is not bad.


English is a proper noun, therefore it should begin with a capital letter, you have no right insulting anyone's English when you don't have basic first grade English skills yourself. You have misplaced commas, you do not double space, or in some cases even single space between sentences.

Your use of the word cleaner is in the wrong tense, it should be clean, undamaged box. It appears your English is the one that is poor.