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Cornflakes I just purchasedBagged was sealed but cereal was thick hard and very unpleasant to chew. I have eaten this cereal at least forty years and this experience has ruined my natural response to select this brand from the shelf it was the one thing I could once count on to separate Kellogg's from the generics

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Pierre, South Dakota, United States #935663

Why bring WalMart into your complaint The problem wasn't Walmarts. IF you thought the cereal was so bad you could have taken the box back to the store, along WITH the receipt. In the video that you posted, I couldn't see that the flakes looked as bad as you are carrying on about.

to anonymous #935847

I agree. There was nothing wrong with the cereal. Maybe this person doesn't have a job so he whines and complains to get free food.

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