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Update by user Apr 30, 2014

Everyone has been so quick to brand my daughter as a liar. If just one person has learned to question what work was actualy performed on their vehicle the next time they have it serviced, I will have achieved my goal!!

Update by user Apr 30, 2014

I ahve since talked to the manager at Walmart and he stated he would talk to the associate who dropped the ball and make sure that it does not happen again. The manager further stated that Walmart policy states that they do not check tires for cuts, bubbles, tread depth, or safety.

The only thing tbey do check for is air pressure and they are not equipped to do anything other than the basic mounting.

I guexs that means that they are not really a placd to get tires put on! Oh well, lesson learned!

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2014

On Saturday, 4/26, my daughter took her minivan to our local Walmart #41318 in Knoxville, Tn as she noticed that her tire had a big bubble on it and the van was not driving like it should. She explained the problem to Tim who was behind the van and left it as they said they would call when it was done.

Approximately 3 hours later, she picked it up as they had called and said it was done. When she went to pay, Tim told her there was no charge as it was a defective tire. The tire looked all pretty and armoralled. He then handed her the receipt and she put it in her purse.

That night she drove to the store, went to church on Sunday, and transported some children from her church, Faith Promise. When she arrived at my house, I am her mother, the grandkids and other children wanted to have another egg hunt. As she was attempting to hid an egg under her van, she noticed a bigger bulge in the same tire! She came inside and called Walmart.

They said they had done no repairs as her lug nut was too tight and they could not loosen it! When she told me this I became livid as my family and grandkids had driven all over on that tire, not to mention other children from the church!! I immediately called Walmart and asked for the store manager. I talked to someone named Jackie who said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do.

I then talked to the supervisor over the auto dept. He told me that is was company policy they they could only use a certain amt of torque to loosen lugs. I told him that my husband had gotten it loose her at home with our air compressor!! He stated there was nothing they could do.

He further went on o state that they had never broken a lug changing a tire and therefore did not apply torque. A tire place that did not know how to fix lugs??? He also was very indifferent about no one telling her the tire was not repaired and was dangerous to drive on!! He also was not concerned with the apparent lack of concern from Tim not telling her it was not re[aired!!!!

I could not believe it!! Walmart just seems to have no concern for its customers ever since Sam Walton died!!!!!!!

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When you said you reread all your postings, did you reread them before or after deleting incriminating posts against you? I find it hard to believe that everyone is mistaken about what they saw, one person perhaps but everyone?

There is something fishy about this, and all those replying to this person, you can tell her she is wrong until the cows come home but she is too stubborn to admit she is wrong. Everyone else is wrong and she is right, she must be a teenager as others have suggested.

If not she sure acts like one arguing with everyone who posts. It is very immature of her to do this.


I do not argue with people such as yourself, I am simply trying to correct your misconceptions. Thd only people who could say they really saw anything are my daughter, her husband, myself and Walmart employees.

As I originally stated I WAS NOT with her when she dropped van off, only when I drove her back to pick it up. Please do not try to put words in my mouth. I would not know how nor care to delete comments. This is America and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

All I want to get across is that yiu need to double check all work done by Walmart. Next time you take a vehicle to them to be fixed, read the disclaimer that you sign when you leave it. You would be surprised.

I am surprisex that with you being a "dad" you cannot relate to me being upset with Walmart for putting my daughter, her husband, and grandkids in danger. Enough said.


Honey no one is putting words in your mouth, your stories keep changing. I am surprised that you as a mother that you result to childish behavior such as lying and allow your daughter to lie and not tell her it is wrong, but than again you yourself are dishonest, don't go around bashing anyone for their parenting when your daughter is a filthy liar.


You say you did not have any changes in your story.

First story,

You were not even in the store with your daughter.

Second story, you were in the store with your daughter and heard everything.

Third story, you were in the parking lot, which changes your second story where you claimed that you were in the store with your mother.

Then another story You claimed that your daughter is a stay at home mother, trying to ends meet, Then you claim it has nothing to do about money because she makes 100k a year. When we pointed out this flaw in your story you deleted the post where you said she is a stay at home mother.

That is why it is not in this review, you deleted it and hoped no one would remember. Another story you changed, you make many spelling and grammar errors, when suggested you proofread your work you said you were working two jobs and had no time to proof read, this after saying you are retired and had a lot of time on your hands. You are very immature for deleting post when caught in your lies. No wonder your daughter follows your example, she has a bad role model.

I have issues with walmart myself. I was falsely accused of shoplifting when I forgot to pay for a skateboard and sun glasses, when asked why I stole the sunglasses and skateboard they would not allow me to take the fifth.

@kevin richards

I do not know where you were looking but I see no deleted posts. I was not with her at the store when she dropped off van.

Her husband was. I took her back to pick it up on Saturday. I did not see her again til Sunday. What parking lot?

Where is that? I never deleted posts, on my tablet it says original review and then updates. Are you sure you are looking at the correct post when you say what you say? I do not think a post can be deleted.

Why would I post something in the cirst place to later delete it? Better check to see what post you are trolling.


The reason you don't see deleted posts are because you took them off the site, it is like you claiming there is no oxygen because you do not see the invisible air around you, you are full of it, same with your daughter. At least we know where the daughter gets her behavior from, and how do you know dad is not a dad rather than simple letters just jot down. Even if he is you have no right to condemn his parenting when you teach your daughter that lying is okay by setting a bad example, you have no right condemning someone's grammar when yours is awful.

@kevin richards

You can only take the 5th when you are asked to testify against yourself. The police should have listened to your story. I am sure a lot of people forget that they have a skateboard in their pocket when they check out.


" She is not a child but 36 yrs old "

Okay your daughter is a 36 year old liar. Adults lie as well you know.

She is a child if she still needs mommy to fight her battles for her. Cant she take care of herself?

Your daughter knows she can lie to you and you will believe her, that is why she still needs you to fight her battles, do you still breast feed her and tuck her in at night? Does she still use a sippy cup?

@kevin richards

The only reason I posted this complaint is because, unlike you, I care about my fellow humans. I never asked for anything from Walmart other than that they take a little more time and have trained employees working in that department.

Someone else may go there to have work done and not be so lucky as to find it was not done. Had she not bought the tires and road hazard warranty at Sams, which was a lot further away, she would not have even gone there. Did everyone forget aabout the tires that came apart on Explorers years back? I was only trying to warn people, never did I say I wanted anything from Walmart.

I guess the old addage, you can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink, applies here. The whole point is to double check any tire repairs done!


You say your daughter is not a child but you act like you are a child. Everyone knows she is not a child, they are just saying she was acting like one rather than a 36 year old.

Also now all of a sudden your daughter makes 100 000 a year when originally she was a single stay at home mom trying to make ends meet.

Quit changing your story. This is the thing with lying, you make one lie up and cannot keep track of what you said so you counterdict what you said and there are holes in your story.


Nowhere do I say she is a single stay at home mom. She has been married over 10 years.She has a couple of college degrees and is a nurse manager for a major hospital.

She is not a welfare momma!

You need to read carefully before you condemn. Your taxes do not support her, probably the other way around.


Actually you did say your daughter was a stay at home mother, I read that part as well, so either everyone else who posted on here is lying or it is you who is lying. You changed your story twice, so lets judge who is really lying from there.

You really think if you edited your post people will forget about it and not notice?

Also how do you know that your daughter is supporting this person through taxes. I feel sorry for your daughter, having a childish mother such as yourself.

@kevin richards

:eek :eek Lol this person is either a 14 year old troll trying to get attention or a disgruntled employee, and from the spelling and grammar mistakes and childish behavior I am going for 14 year old troll.

@kevin richards

Please tell me what paragraph it says she is a stay at home mom. I never edited my post so if it was edited it was not by me.

It doesnot show as edited on my end . Are you sure you have the correct posting?


People are reading carefully, that is why they are seeing holes and changes in your story. If they were not they would have fallen for your lies. You need to watch what you type and remember the previous lies you told so that your story can stay constant.

@Watch what you type

On my end I am not seeing any changes in the story. I even reread all of my postings and on my end they are consistant. Someone mentioned that I had edited my originzl post, but I cannot find that either.


100 people can remember that post but they are all wrong and she is right. that is the thing with lying, you cannot keep your story straight and she has to look for posts to delete when caught in her lies. the funny thing is she did not delete all her posts and there are still three different stories.


Walmart "could care less?" I think it goes, couldn't care wern't charged, so stop trying to get free car repairs.....


Was not trying for free car repair...we get them repaired at the dealer so they are done by certified mechanics. Just took tire there as dealer was not open!

Just trying to warn other people to double check what they get done there. Took car elsewhere to have it repaired correctly. BTW, I just found out from someone I volunteer with that Walmart had broken their lug and glued the lug nut on!

Guess they really do not know how to change a lug! Oh, I almost forgot...couldn't care less is a double negative so do not attempt to give free grammar lessons!


You are the one that gave another user grammar lessons when you were in the wrong, and that grammar that you gave him you were wrong in usage of grammar. If you don't want people correcting your grammar check your work over.

Guess they did not teach you proper grammar in the four years you went to high school. Like other people stated you keep changing your story.

Is that someone who had the lug nut grown on a real person? I don't know what you are trying to pull, but people would believe you if you did not keep changing your story.