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Hello, my name is Brianna Yates and I am extremely dissatisfied that Walmart has sold me an unbearable, rancid smelling Ready Pac Bistro® Bowl Turkey Cranberry Baby Kale Salad. I have the receipt for evidence that I had just bought this salad today at 5448 WHITTLESEY BLVD in Columbus, GA on 2/26/2015 at 23:01:09 as stated on my receipt.

I came home to enjoy my salad and when I opened the package, there was a putrid smell that filled my husband and my room, bare in mind that the "use by date" is supposed to be 3/06/2015! I already have a stomach flu and have been ill all day, but this really could have made me go to the hospital! I am highly disappointed that this item was on shelf for customers to purchase. I took a small *** of the Turkey chunks in the salad, because I have never tried this salad before and had thought maybe this is Tuna and I read the label, it was for sure Turkey as I read the label again.

The piece of turkey tasted like chemical and I noticed, "This has to be a disgusting salad or a salad that the store did not store correctly at the proper temperature or at the proper time." I felt sick to my stomach and still have an urge to vomit. I had to air out my room, because the smell has remained in the room and the salad is literally in a trash bag outside my apartment! I went to throw it in the trash can first and it literally stank up the entire apartment! I need this to be handled PROMPTLY, because this is a HUGE health issue.

This makes me wonder, what else is spoiled or has not had proper storing?! I will not be going to this Walmart location, but I am afraid to go to any Walmart and purchase anything other than dried foods. I'm not sure what your company's procedure or seriousness about proper food handling?

Highly Disappointing.... Brianna Yates

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Salad.

Reason of review: SPOILED.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: A compensation for the store's negligence!.

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Who eats turkey salad when they have the stomach flu?


Not buying your story....not going to waste my time on detailing the reasons why.