Eloy, Arizona
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Filthy store, rude managers, never any handicapped carts so when a disabled person tries to make thru the store no carts means we need a place to rest for a few before we can walk again so I head to the shoe dept when you can find abench I sit for a few mintue. Than try to do a little more.

Very few prices are marked so to find a scanner means more walking. They do price match and there are a couple of girls who know the adds and how to do the math. I printed out the coupon and price policy and make sure I was correct. They tried to make me take a lesser quaility of products.

That also failed.

I think all of walmart's employees should take a miss manners l

Class as they have no manners. You cannot walk thru the isiles s fire danger

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh for heaven's sake grow up!!! You sound like a spoiled brat.

Stores aren't required to have the electric carts for customers to use, they do that as a courtesy. There are also wheel chairs for customers to use. That being said there is one way to make sure you get to use one of those carts and that is to get to the store no later than 7:30-8:00AM. Another thing you could do is, IF you truly need one of the electric carts is to buy your own, or you could buy a walker that is equipped with a seat, then whenever you need to rest you wouldn't have to look for a bench.

Stores aren't required to provide conveniences like these, it is up to people to take care of their own needs. I use the carts all the time and I don't have any trouble getting through the aisles, no matter how crowded they are, therefore, if you are actually walking you shouldn't have any problems at all getting through the crowded aisles. Also stores are routinely inspected for fire hazards, so I don't think congested aisles are a fire danger. There isn't one single girl working at WalMart, anybody that is old enough and has the gumption to be working is a young woman or a young man.

Also stores don't have "adds," they have "ads." As far as the employees knowing the ads goes, you are supposed to bring the ads with to the store for price matching. I know for a fact that the employees don't try to make you take a lesser "quality." They might try to make you take a lesser "quantity." There is something about that comment that just doesn't ring true. I'm not real sure you know if whether or not you had everything right for using your coupons, because you sure don't know how to capitalize, punctuate, or even use real good grammar. Who are you to judge whether or not somebody has good manners or not.

In my 74 years I have noticed that a lot of customers that complain about being treated rudely by employees, have also been rude to the employee.


Wow you are one angry old miserable woman. I am guessing lonely also. God Bless and have a great day