Olympia, Washington
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10/29/14 i went to tunwater Wal-Mart looking for nivea lip product to use a coupon. When I got home I saw on Facebook Tumwater had the nivea lip product was on clearance for $1.

I called lacey washington walmart and asked if they would price match Tumwater and was told no. I found out 11/1/14 that a customer went to the Lacey walmart and they PRICED MATCHED the nivea lip product that they told me they could not! I had asked to have the manager call 10/29/14 but never got a call back. I wad told her name was Enucia or donething like that.

It was 10:40 pm 10/28/14 when I called. I can be reached at tickles_08@comcast.net but I doubt I will hear from walmart since they already ignored me once.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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Just go back with all of those lip balms in hand and take it from there. Or go to a different WallieWorld, I am sure you will find some price matching.

Make sure you find a sign or something that states they will match any price. Then you will have the rat by the tail. Good luck!!! I hate things like this.

I worked for a grocery company and you won't believe what they can do!!!!! GGrrrrrr!!!! I hate to see people taken advantage of.

Don't forget there is YELP, another place to tell your story. Happy 4th of July!!!


I do too, which is why your comment shouldn't even be posted.


they do price match for online prices as long as it is in -stock and available . if it is out of stock online then they wont but otherwise they will honor their own online prices as well as other online competitors.


No, they will NOT. Online and in store are different.


They told you wrong. They have a discount everyday on small items like this.

It is called the five finger discount. It's a special promotion they have all day every day.


I have used the five finger discount myself. It is the greatest.


I like to give her the bowling ball grip, 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink.


I'm interested to see the labels up closer because Walmart has labels like that.


You were told "no" because Walmart does not price match online. Prices can differ. If you don't believe me, look it up.


Don't criticize other people until you learn how to capitalize, punctuate, etc. Your complaint looks like a four year old wrote it.


Perhaps she is four years old throwing a temper tantrum because she did not get her way? Most likely she was ignored because she was misbehaving. When a child throws a temper tantrum and misbehaves the best thing to do would be to ignore them.


Should be 10/29/14 thursday when I called.


Walmart does not monitor this site, as it is not owned by them.


walmart owns everything, tard