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I can not tell you how abset I am with walart costumer service waited over 45 min in the craft and swing department ask three different times to be helped with some fabric and no one would help me saw about five I'm asumming there were managers walking around and saw me watting and not one would help needles to say I walk out of the store empty handed time to find another store to shop sincerely Lucy Miranda from Boerne texas .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Listen: I don't know about other stores, but I know why this happens in mine. See, the handheld we use has an option called "bulk scanning" to allow us to do fabric cuts and tag it.

The problem comes in here: Practically no one has a login that allows them to access it. I do, but I'm not allowed to leave electronics if I don't want to get in serious trouble. One other associate in the store has access to it during my shift, and she's very hard to find.

All managers have access to it.

The obvious solution would be to five everyone access to this option, but they won't. Not because it costs anything, but because it would take all of two seconds to add it, and they don't want to spend that kind of time helping customers.

My advice: Ask a manager for it directly when you see them.

They tend to be wearing different colored shirts and have radio earpieces in. They will either handle it, or send someone able to.

If they don't, take the manager name on the top of the receipt and call in the mornings or later afternoon, asking to speak to them. The one on the reciept is the overall store manager and will get something changed, if prompted enough.

to Anonymous #1050800

You make a valid point, but the issue here is that no one could help her, most likely because they could not understand what she wanted. Can you make any sense of her review?

I actually cut my own fabric when I was at a Walmart. I got so tired of the same thing.

Waiting and waiting and being ignored. So when I got to the counter to pay for it and they asked me how much it was I told them and oh they got someone to help me really quick. It's terrible to actually ask someone to do their job. Seriously, it doesn't take much to measure, cut, and tag it with a price that you don't even have to calculate.

I know because it took them 30 seconds to tag my item after I had cut it. :)

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