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Today at 3:30pm I called our local (Cranberry,PA) Walmart and talked to someone at the service desk. I was told that I could refund or cash a moneygram with the checks alone not the receipt, being that I was the purchaser (I called because I could have stopped at my home to get the receipts). I also called moneygram to ensure that this was policy. After loading my screaming and crying 5 month old into the car in the rain and driving 20 minutes I arrived at the service desk. Upon arrival I had a very rude customer service attendant tell me repeatedly that this was not policy. After explaining to her many times that I was the purchaser, my name on the checks and that I called...etc etc she still disagreed. I asked for a manager. By this point the two other workers at the desk have been repeating "that's just not the policy". I stated that consumer laws were that you have a certain amount of days to return an item in the first place and that you could not POSSIBLY have a policy against returning an unused item. The EXTREMELY rude worker said "well I don't know, or care, what she is talking about but I Know that is not our policy" and continued to tell the customers following us that we were wrong and just being a pain when it was against policy. I said nothing to her. The cashier "helping" us "got "a manager" as I had asked who instructed her to call moneygram as I had done earlier. My husband and I listened to the call. She at NO POINT asked if a purchaser could return, exchange or cash a check. She instead (to moneygram on the phone) said "it is not our policy to cash checks if they are not made out to walmart or the person cashing them so I cant cash this". She told us she could not do it. When we told her that we were listening and she never asked she ignored us and said "that is the policy". I called them (again), myself, and was AGAIN told by moneygram that this IS possible. An ACTUAL manager was called (because he happened to be walking past). He simply got out the policy (on paper) which stated that we could return it within 30 days (as per state consumer law) but that we needed the receipt. After over 20 minutes of trying to resolve a simple issue we had been disrespected, irritated and wasted time and gasoline. We also missed the time that the post office was open to send the forms with the money orders where they needed to go. They are time sensitive immigration forms requiring the nearly two thousand dollars in those money orders. I was as calm and polite as I could possibly br at the store mostly because I had my 5 month old son with me but I am FURIOUS at the "service" that we received as well as having to make another trip, driving another 40 minutes and dealing with such ignorant and rude individuals. Something needs to be done about the idiocy of the persons employed at this Walmart.

This occurred at the Walmart Service Desk, Cranberry PA 3:50pm Thus Oct 18th.

How many Walmart employees does it take to do the job of 1? 5!!!!

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Wow!! Sorry to hear that you had such bad service.

I have worked at Sams/Walmart for the past 14 years part time as a cashier. When I did help out in customer service I always treated people as If I wanted to be treated.

Hope you have better luck next time. I feel we are caring people here; I work in Cincinnati Ohio.