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It is true that a lot can happen in six (6) months but in the case of GE Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, Synchrony Bank, Pay-Pal, Wal-Mart, Lowes, J.C. Penny's, Toys R Us & all the other stores that use this "EVIL & CORRUPT" everything but the Kitchen Sink Corporations to lie, steal money, deliberate charge late fees knows more then the United States Post Office according to the Loyal Employee of GE Capital Retail Money Banks "Rebuttal" on Rip-Off Report number 1140625 along with the clip of the "Green Snakes" nothing has changed still the same go to this website pissed consumer review numbers #586688, #525951,

#522235 & #525014 these should keep you busy there will be more of the same.

At the rate "The Now Big Four" continue to "RAPE" the consumer on illegal charges late fees among other things who knows when & if this ever gets resolved. All the "Class Action" lawsuits that have already been settled & monies awarded in my opinion it will never be settled. The reason for this is all the lawsuits that have included these corporations will be broke again & while the state & federal governments waste the tax payers money on useless government agencies that are suppose to protect us don't they will be keep doing it over & over & over again. Lie & lie & lie & while they continue to lie they know they can make back all those "Billions" in the law suits while the state & federal agencies go at a snails pace if even that fast to make even more.

As far as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is concerned all the cases that I have with all the documents you see on this site Pissed Consumer & Rip-Off Report all those documents, all the lies, late fees, letters denying everything it just goes on & on & on & still goes on & all of this started in "2011" for me.

I do not know why they created the "Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau" according to them all these cases all these documents show they have not done anything "Illegal". All my cases since 2011 have been closed & there are no open cases.

I did email the CFPB yesterday & asked them to answer a question that was on one of my many complaints that I have sent to them according to there records up to yesterday this case has been "Resolved" & has not been "Disputed" & has been closed.

I just can't wrap my head around a complaint being "Resolved" & "Not Disputed" when it isn't even the correct company they have on the complaint & they have closed it? What a "Riot". Once I get an answer back from my email I will post a copy on this site Pissed Consumer & Rip-Off Report.

That is if I get an answer back who knows with this "WTF" agency will send if anything! There is a song from one of my favorite music CD's that states "In this life your on your Own" & it is definitely right on you can see it everywhere.

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This store along with several other stores or companies uses "Synchrony Bank" which is the new name for GE Money GE Capital Retail Money Bank GE Capital Retail Bank for their Credit Card accounts. Under this new name there are the same complaints being posted. When will it stop?

Please look at the attached documents so that you can see just how Crooked they are. "Sneaky, Greedy in fact I don't know what to call any of them anymore. So if you have been screwed by any store that uses this bank you need to report it. The more reports the better we need to stop the Corruption that is leaving consumers broke by "Illegal Activities" being conducted by all these "Crooks" that see nothing wrong with "Raping" the consumer just to make more money anyway they can!

The documents that I'm attaching to this post are actual documents from Pay Pal that uses this bank for there credit card

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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What I'm pointing out is that when you pay online & are ONE PENNY UNDER there is NO MESSAGE AT THE TOP IN YELLOW! Yet on the other documents if you overpay ONLINE by ONE PENNY "GE CAPITAL RETAIL NOW SYCHRONY BANK "Will not let you pay over what you owe whether it be a penny or two pennies THAT IS WHAT THE YELLOW at the top shows.

If you pay by paper statement & overpay by one penny or two pennies those pennies are GONE! They DO NOT show any credit what so ever on your paper statement nor do they show on your online statement.

These Crooks will not "WARN" you at the top with the yellow banner that you are one penny under what you owe. They don't want to tell you Why?

They want to SOCK IT TO YOU IN LATE FEES FOR NOT PAYING THE WHOLE AMOUNT EVEN BY A PENNY!If you look at the documents that I have posted they can't even add! That is what this is all about. This bank & this card along with all the stores that use this bank for credit cards have been screwing people royal out of money for who knows how long & getting away with it. Well, now the United States Postal Inspector is involved & it all has to do with THE MAIL & how these Crooks have raked up so many BILLIONS ILLEGALLY using The United States Post Office to do it.

I hope they all go to PRISON!

I have submitted lots & lots of documents to various state & federal agencies since 2011 & what they not only do to me but to other people & they just keep going. Go look at Rip Off Report & see what an "Employee" wrote in several "Rebuttals" on my post report number #1140625. If you don't want to read it then go to You Tube & view the clip type in GE Capital Retail Pay Pal & look for the GREEN SNAKES.

You can view it better on your cell phone it does not stop as much. There are lots of documents that have been uploaded on this site & the Rip-Off Report site.

What is really pathetic is they still continue to screw people even under the name Synchrony & if they really meant what they said about how sorry they are about your bad experience & to email Nicole who must be a least "BILLIONS OF BILLIONS" years old & the little cartoon character at the desk on the typewriter who knows how long he has been frozen there in that one spot!

Yet the same *** just keeps happening nothing changes.


How is it illegal? You admit you didn't pay the required amount.

One penny is one penny. Times that by millions of their customers.

Adds up real fast. You should be more careful when you pay your bills, and not blame others for your error.