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I really hope that no one would ever have need to speak with a Walmart Credit Card Customer Service agent over the phone. I have had an issue and have spoken to two people that had no clue what to do, gave out wrong information, were argumentative, and had absolutely no skills when dealing with frustrated customers.

If I had known that this was the kind of service available - I would never have signed up for the card. The sad part is - I am trying to make a payment.

If you are a corporation who has personnel that work for you who give customers a hard time when they are trying to pay their credit card bill - what does that say about you? Please Walmart, invest in quality over the phone personnel - if you care about your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service for walmart credit card.

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Why are you complaining about Walmart? They don't issue credit cards.

Your account is issued by an independent credit company that issues an account that can be used at Walmart. Look at your card or bill.

It will have the name of the company on it. You should be contacting them rather than Walmart.


Walmarts customer service is a joke. I am going on a cruise.

Part of the cruise will be in Canada ( international) I called a # that was given to me by the Live chat ( another joke by the way) When I called Lorraine answered. I told her what I wanted and she ask me, so which card is this for....what? I only have the one. she went on to tell me that my card will be declined even if I call in ahead of time.

She was just the worst. She said I needed to talk to customer service to opt out of their marketing calls. That's all I need, is to have them call me while I'm on vacation. I talked to a 2nd person who tells me, so you are opting out of all calls.

NO...I just don't want you calling to chit chat while im on vacation. It came around to the fact that I would be in Canada for a few days and she would have to transfer me to the international part. Again WHAT? The first person I talked to was in the collection department.

She never told me this, nor did she transfer me because it's not her area. OMG! Once I got to the international people, I got a very nice, very knowledgeable person Toni, who got me all signed up to go international, its noted that I will be on a cruise ship and my charges will not be declined.

the only issue she had was I had called too early. She said I only need to call about a week in advance.