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In the Walmart website, you will see an ad that says 'Open a Walmart Credit Card, Buy Today and Get $20 Back'. So I applied for one online, got approved and purchased more than $100 worth of item online.

Afterwards, I was told that my purchase is not eligible for the $20 bonus since it was made online! The ad is so misleading and should have specified that 'ONLY IN-STORE PURCHASE' is eligible for the bonus.

I am not happy and am cancelling the credit card -- which will adversely my credit score. I am very frustrated and feeling betrayed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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LMFAO i bet you used someone elses social security number.


Hi I am Van..., My real name legally Deskins. I have ripped off a lot ofpeole and always get away with it, so you just better feel lucky I din't take more than I did.

By the way thanks for letting me use your car and cards..... ;)


My X-girfriend stole my credt card and made two purches opf over $800.00 at Walmart. She signed my name.

The card had not been signed on back and she had changed my mailing address at the PO, so I didn't even know wabout these purchases and purchses she made there and at Best Buy, Lowe's. She left and stole my car even. It took two mohs to get my statements for these cards and other regualr bills. I reported these formally to the police.

We went to court and she admiited to using my credit cards and forging my name and told the Walmart dispute team that I had given her permission to use my cards. Whe we went to court they wanted me to accept a plea bargain for $200.00, lol, I explained to them that it costed me more to get my car out of police impound than that ! They got mad at me for not accepting the plea bargain. She wasn't ven punished and only got a year of unsupervised porbationand I recieved nothing.

I am disappointed that Walmart, after even having the in store video tapes and it showing her maing the buys would not account her as responsible for the purchases. I canclled my card(s) and my car never ran the same again. I found out that she was using an alias, and was wanted in 78 states for similar crimes. Nothing was ever done to her in the other states.

I learned her name was not Vanessa Owens, as she told me and her driver's licence reflected. She was never formally married to an Owens oficially but was married ata drive through marriage place in Tennessee.

If you see her commming, RUN !!! MADDDDDDDDDDD :( :( :(


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Thank you for your message. We would like to look into this.

For your first purchase in excess of $100, you do receive $20 back on your account. If the $20 credit was not given, we apologize. We would also like to give you an additional $20 credit for the problem you have experienced.

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