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I have issues in there billings. Last month they charged me a 35 doller late fee when i paid them on time.

Day of payment due. I called and they said i was suppose to pay 40 dollers minuim. I only have a 300 doller limit. I thought they resolved the issue.

I signed a contract telling me minuim was 25 month. Guess what they charged me with another 35 late fee when i paid them 40 for this month. All see is they want to keep me paying fines that are not warranted. All of a sudden i have a minuim of 40 dollers a month and if i don't pay that they fine me 35.

At this rate i will never get ahead. I told them to close out my account and i will only pay them what i actually owe. I have all ways paid on time and paid over the minuim of 25 dollers. This is not the first or secound time i gave had billing issues.

If there minuim payments went up i never signed an agreement to this. When you get up set with them they try and apeace you with a gift card or some other way to make you happy.

All i want is they straighten out the way they bill and pentilize there customers because tgeynthink they xan make money off of someone lije me me guess what not. I will tell people don't get a wal mart card not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What is it with the poor grammar that I see in this complaint?