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Last week went to walmart. They had someone at the door promoting the walmart credit card.

I said my credit is terrible probably wont work. She talked me into giving it a shot. Ok nothing to lose. Wow!

I was approved for $300. didnt need to use it that day just picking up a couple things. So maybe 3 or 4 days later. I decide to use it.

I ring up about $75 worth of merchandise. I dont have my actual card yet. But i only need the printout of my $300 approval and my id. Well....

needless to say after 30 minutes or more of the walmart manager and myself on the phone with the walmart credit card people or whoever they are. Making me give them my social security number at least 3 times on some walmart employees phone (whom i do not know). No security about this whatsoever, I walked out with no groceries and was thouroghly embarassed for holding up other paying customers. Now they tell me i need to send them a copy of a utility bill and my id.

Said my zip code didnt match up. WTF. My offer is not expired even now.

I have until the 31st. Do i have a lawsuit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Did they hold a gun to your head to make you get the card?????


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How did they make you give them your ss#? Don't count on a lawsuit.

You had a choice to make and that was to apply or not apply.

You chose to apply for the card, nobody made you do anything. Use some common sense and don't blame others for the choices that you make.

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