Huntington Beach, California
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i was asked by a checker who works at a registeri if i would be intrested appliing for a walmart,,Visa credit card, if u applied u get $20 deducted off the total of your bill, the visa card arrived in the mail$200limit,im a member at i like getting gas there but they dont except cash , so the walmart visa became my gas day iI enterd the store for the first time a computer cought my eye iI asked customer service about the worranty, then iI got a cwought on 4 tires for my truck, iI chose to get the tires so iI left the computer at costumer service but iI noticed a group of managers at the exit stareing at me & when i exited the store one of them followed me to my car, 3 weeks later a knock on my door 2 fowtain valley detectives thru me to the floor & put handcuffs , 4 more detectives were in a vihecle hiding down the street ,all 6 detectives enterd my home turned it up side down found nothing & iI was arrested for entering a Sams Club with suspition of comiting comercial burglery, iI posted bail & while at home trying to make sense of what happend 2 detectives from merrietta aproached me while taking out the trash stuck a 9 mm. gun to my head handcuffs put me in a van and arrested me for the same charges as before in fountain valley and there iI stayed at south west detention centre for over 4 months just to be transferd to orange county for trial , sams club did not have any one in court to speak for them since nothing was taken & ther were no witnesses ,but the judge orderd pay $3.000 restitution on the items that were never taken, 4 years later walmart is demanding $1.000 on a $200 visas wallmart credit card that was never paid , How do u like that, till now with attorney fees & bail money$ 17.552

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I cannot read this wall of text full of run on sentences.


You're an *** and this makes no sense. I can't even understand what you are trying to say. Your spelling is that bad.


I suppose you think your funny??? NOT HARDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!