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Ok i must say i am so so upset with walmart customer service to the point i am ready to never shop at walmart and close my credit card. When I say customer service i am talking about there 1800 number.

So let me first say I enjoy shopping at walmart to the point i wanted to get a credit card with them cause i spend a lot of money there and why not. I went in on a afternoon walk up to the cashier and told her i would like to open an account so she took my driver license and gave her one of my other credit cards so she did her thing and it came back to where i have to call the 800 number with more info. So that same day i called and boom i got approve. When the first representative came on the line I really couldn't hear her that will and I thought maybe it was my phone.

So she pulled up my account and I got approved then I ask your question she can I answer for me so she transfer me to customer service. So then another man came on the phone and I have questions then I also realized I needed to let him know my address because not once did anyone ask for my address to make sure it was the right address where the card was going to be sent to. Once again the connection was very bad. I noticed that the gentleman of speaking to did not speak the best English so I asked him to please repeat the information that I gave him, so I know that we're both on the same page and that he had the right information.

The gentleman did not repeat the information back to me I asked him 3 times to please do it and once again he did not. At that point I became very frustrated because I was being told so many different answers to the questions that I had. And at this point I had to get back to work. The next day I went in on a Wednesday July 8 which happened to be my birthday I went to the customer service desk.

Told her the situation she called customer service on the phone. This time around I noticed that the connection was still horrible meaning I could not hear the representative on the other line. I told the gentleman on the phone what was going on because I was told that I can use my account even though I did not have the credit card in my hand. He asked me several times to repeat my social security number which I did not feel comfortable with because there's a big line right behind me and everyone can hear me.

To me social security number is a very private information so the lady at the front desk let me come around the desk so I can give my number out. The representative did not understand me and all I wanted to know is how can I use my card or should I say my temporary number. So after 20 minutes spending time on the phone with him he finally told me that I use my drivers license when I go to the checkout line. So then I went into the store which is in Tigard Oregon did all my shopping spent over $200 whether to the cashier to pay gave her my driver's license.

Came back as declined, she actually was so nice and she even remember me when I came in on that Wednesday. So that I have a supervisor take me to customer service. She call the 1-800 number and the office was closed. She did not call up the manager and yet I felt so embarrassed.

I explained her full house full that I've been through the last week. I somewhat feel like no one wanted to help me and I was trying to keep my cool which I did but when everything was said and done I walked away without my purchased. So now I have to call back customer service tomorrow find out if they have the right number on file. And never had to deal with such a run around.

Is very frustrating that all my information that I gave out to a company but yet no one can verify the the information that I given them to make sure we're on the same page. I walked away feeling embarrassed I even had tears coming down because I feel like I did not get the answer or help i been asking for the last week. The employee remember me her name is Joyce she works at the Tigard Oregon very nice woman she had awesome customer service. I don't know if i spelt her name correct when I went in on July 12 around 9 o'clock p.m..

But I feel like the supervisor could have done a little bit more for me as a customer. I normally do not write bad reviews whatsoever but I state my frustrations. My curiosity is why did the supervisor and not call the manager at the front desk and help me the customer? Customer service means you're there to give good customer service to make sure your customers are satisfied and taking care of this so that customers keep coming back.

Anyways just know is very difficult calling customer service when the representatives cannot understand me And yet unfortunately their English is not that great. I am NOT racist and not meaning that comment in a harsh way but that's a lack of communication when there is valid and important information given and yet it's your information and they cannot repeat it back to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wouldnt have been less complicated to wait for the card? No offence, but if you tried to pay me with a drivers licence.

I would have looked at you like you were insane, and they can't just let you roll out of the store with $200 bucks of unpaid stuff. Plus, you said you left with.

Nothing....Did you not even have the phsyical money to actually pay in case the card didnt work. Kinda sounds like to me you shouldnt have a credit card.