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Walmart credit card does the same thing. I get paid once a month at the beginning of the month and pay my bills before anything else.

I made a two hundred dollar payment at the beginning of the month and then was told I had to make a sixty dollar payment later in the month or they would fine me with late payment penalties and all. Contacted customer service and they claimed nothing could be done but that if I wait until I miss the payment and get fines, they MIGHT be able to reverse them as a favor to me, out of their graciousness. I don't know how many illegal fees they have charged me due to this. I consistently pay my bills early and have no other creditors, even the bad ones, that do this.

I had another account that was through synchony and I never had this problem. This is walmart stealing from consumers plain and simple.

Do not ever get a Walmart Credit Card if you ever plan to pay it off. You will not be able to, they will use every dirty illegal trick to prevent this.

FYI: Walmart customer service told me that payments should be paid within 7 days of the due date to avoid penalties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Policy change to allow customers to pay their account early, even if before prior statement cutoff, and not get a missed payment/late fee, like most all other creditors..

Walmart Cons: Predatory credit card terms, Penalty for early payment, Inflexible payment date, High interest and fees.

  • Paid Too Early
  • Minimum Payment
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I've had this happen with my JC Penny's card. I paid every bill I had as soon as I got paid so I wouldn't forget and they charged me a late fee because the payment applied to my balance and not the month's payment.

Like I can't try to be early and make sure you get your money? Okay


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I have an issue i would like resolved with my walmart account. Who can i contact


It sounds as if you just didn't pay enough. We have had a Walmart credit card and have never had this happen.

You are probably making it up.


Thanks for posting I found this to be a well-fomented problem. It also occurs with the Wal-Mart Discover card.