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went to deposit money on my convenient walmart visa so as to renew no contract wireless internet. I deposit $52.00 costing me $55.00.

A three dollar fee for deposit. (no problem I think) I then take my reciept and card home one hundred miles. When I get there and prepare to reload internet I find I no longer have the $52.00 dollars as walmart charged me an additional $2.83 for having the card. I am now far from store with a useless $49.17 card as i needed a minimum balance of $50.00 to renew my wireless net.

I have spent over $500.00 a month at wally world for some years now.

However using subtle fees will have destroyed that relationship quickly so I must now re-organize my deal finding back to multiple stores and sales thank you. simon

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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Who the *** drives 100 miles to Wal-Mart? Was the one 5 miles down the road too convenient? Or was it too hard to read your contract for your debit card?

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