Atlanta, Georgia
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I was accosted by Walmart security. He literally put his hands on me without identify himself.

Him n my husband toddled over the purse. Needless to say he found nothing. I am mentally traumatized by this and cannot go into Walmart without breaking into tears. He did not have any right to put his hands on me.

I am thinking of seeking legal action. I was embrassed and I am in turmoil.

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You, my friend, are a lying thief. Admit it!

Twice...2 different chain stores?

Really? I'd say guilty as charged.






Have you actually convinced yourself that you're not a thief? If this has happened more than once at different venues then I'd have to say you're probably guilty.

First B

And you actually believe the person who posted this is the same person who posted the review. It could be true but with the trolls on this site(who pretend to be the OP to make the site more interesting) it probably was the troll.

@First B

It doesn't matter. In my experience, "security" rarely harrasses people for no reason. Whether the other comment was from the op or not I'm sure she gave reason to be confronted.


Also when I went back to store to ask for video tape to prove that I stole he did not give me the video tape to take home, I think he is going to edit the video tape to make it look like I stole, this editing of video tape happened at Target to make it look like I stole baby formula so I would not be surprised if Walmart did the same. I asked for his first and last name and he did not identify himself, only as security, he even called the police on me and bribed them with donuts to make them come and say I stole.


So there is a Target / Walmart conspiracy to convince the wor;d that you perpetrate misdemeanor-level crimes and the only way to blow their cover is with a physical VHS tape? That's intense.