Lexington, Kentucky
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Whether this is a new policy or not (they claimed its been like this), I've never seen it. In fact the following experience has taken place before and this didn't happen.

While shopping, I came across a mis-priced item. It was meant to be under that label as there were 6 of them on that peg and the label named that item with that price. We got to the register and they said they'd honor the incorrect price only once (one item).

Despite all 6 being labeled that price; incorrect or not. Apparently WalMart, so concerned about its customers, won't invest in upping its game and properly arranging its stores, but it will instead screw over those very same customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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As soon as you bought one you became aware the price was incorrect. The other 5 items should not be sold to you at discount.

I'm surprised you would even expect this.

I've never worked retail & rarely go to Walmart. I just think this is a foolish "complaint".

First B

You should have told them not to *** with someone who has a gun cleaning kit. If someone has a gun cleaning kit they have a gun. Then you should have came back with the gun and robbed them at gunpoint only paying the advertised price.

@First B

Wow. You used to be somewhat of a voice of reason, First Born Triplet, but lately I've noticed you've turned into sort a j e r k. It makes me sad that you seem to be following in the footsteps of Kevin Richards and Not The Op.


Gotta agree, maybe an off day.