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This morning at the Elkton location, we had such a terrible experience at Walmart. I am an understanding person and I am not one to complain on social media.

The assistant manager, Kyle was called over for a price over ride on after Christmas sale items. He not only cursed, said that us along with three other near by customers were not telling the truth about the location we found the same items, but he physically put his hands on an employee to push her out of the way, after yelling at her.

We will be contacting corporate and if the young lady behind the register wishes to take further action, we will be there to support her. None of this is okay.

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Elkton, Virginia, United States #1260912

I have a confession to make. Apparently someone told Kyle that I was making this about him.

The truth is he never cursed or pushed the employee after yelling. I made this up because he fired me for coming in late several times. I made this up to get him into trouble. But can Kyle really take legal action, after all I did not use his last name which I could have because I know it?

He told me if I go to corporate with these lies he will take legal action because everything is caught on camera.

Before anyone bashes me for what I did, remember that you probably did things in anger then regretted it as I did writing these lies about Kyle. I was angry at the time and not thinking straigt.

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