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Update by user Feb 07, 2017

I have solved the problem. I have not stepped foot in walmart since I wrote my story.

Have not missed that store or sam's club one bit. My

Update by user Feb 07, 2017

I have solved the problem. I have not stepped foot in walmart since I wrote my story.

Have not missed that store or sam's club one bit. My

Update by user Jan 03, 2017

I have had to pospone my shopping because there are no powerchairs to use. I an partially paralized from the hips down.

The last time i went there were 3 chairs parked up front but were dead and not pluged in. I have decided that i will do my shopping elsewhere.

I am happy with my decision. I spent about 10,000 dollars for christmas and nothing at walmart.

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2017

I am a paralized disabled army veteran and need a power wheel chair to shop anywhere. I also have a business and spend more than 30,000 dollar a year at walmart which doesn"t really matter but that's all that matters to walmart.

Many times i have to cancel shopping because a chair is not available or the last time 3 were there at the power outlet bat all were dead. I have spoken to several managers nothing is ever done. I dont shop at walmart since dec 1st and found that walmarr is not cheaper than many other places. Just the products are cheap.

Also many other places make me feel they appreciate my buainess. I am important. That means alot walmart. I dont miss you one bit and am happy never to shop there again.

If you are tired of being treated like ***,try other places and be appreciated for doing business there, hit walmart where it hurts.

There profits maybe they will realize there are other stores that we can shop at. Keep your cheap ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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im a little cant use your own chair because you are unable to get it in/out of vehicle? you can only shop places that have some type of disability chair? if so u are very limited where you can shop(big box stores?) money cant be issue if you can spend $10k on xmas like others said ---power chair availability is a like a gift--not required---so why complain about WM-- instead complain about all retail that doesnt have them at all....also why not figure oout the best time to go so more likely to have them available/chrgd


It is not the responsibility of a store to supply wheelchairs, especially not power chairs. This is something you need to supply for yourself.

And FYI....Wal-mart has a great dollar amount of charitable donations yearly than any other company.

This is just a whining complaint by someone who doesn't want to take responsibility for themselves.


Hey dumb dumb, according to the ADA Walmart does not have to provide any carts at all, you should provide your own freaking cart.


Listen ***, i have a power chair but cannot transport by myself without assistance. Many disabled people do not have monhu, like me have mobility problems.

I shop at places that go out there way to help me and others. Walmart has billions but do not care.

No law says to help the homeless, stray animals, sick disabled people, but it is the right thing to do for humans that is. You can chose cold uncaring life i chose to be human.



The ADA is the who you need to complain to.


I am uncaring, and guess what I don't give a rat's a $$ what you think. I hate the elderly and disabled because all of you think you deserve special treatment, guess what , you dont, I hope you take care of yourself because that is your responsibility and no one elses.


It is not about special treatment, it is more about respect and courtesy. However people have a point they should provide their own scooter if they have one. Also they only have a certain amount and they do break down.


You don't think that Walmart is going out of their way to help you if they provide scooters whenever they don't even have to?



Please understand that according to the ADA, any business is not required to provide electric scooters. The ADA left that up to the individual businesses.

Electric scooters are provided as a courtesy. There is no law that states that any business must provide electric scooters.

According to the ADA, as long as a disabled customer can enter a place of business, then that business is compliant.

Where I work at those scooters are left in the parking lot as well as somewhere inside the store by customers using them.

So your complaint about that should be directed to the customers.

Electric scooters are not cheap. It costs thousands of dollars to buy a scooter as well as the fix it. Imagine the cost of buying several as well as having to continuously fix them.

The cost of buying them and fixing them goes somewhere, probably in the form of higher prices for the goods you buy. It would be better to provide your own electric scooter.


Walmart is what it is and local management is really to blame---most "store managers" at Walmart are lacking in management skills. They have no idea what is really going on in the store but the other factor is the inept, unreliable and inefficient type of people they hire.

Most have no real marketable skills and thus find work either in a fast food establishment or Walmart.

You will find that you can do better with prices and quality by shopping at other stores. As a former Marine I salute you, mate---even if you were Army(kidding.)


From a fellow vet, please stop begging for people to bow to you because you served. I find that repulsive.


I do too and there is an user that is disrespecting you who served our country and calling you names. She posted to some doll company about how she got the wrong doll and threatened to drown her daughter's dog if she did not stop crying.