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On January 5th 2017 I noticed two fraudulent charges of $513.58 on my checking account from WALMART.COM. This breach of Walmart's security started a snowball effect on my checking account which affected my finances,my ability to pay my bills on time and ultimately lead to a frantic week-long race to try and regain control of my checking account.

Yes, the charges ended up being reversed, but the FALLOUT that followed from Walmart's (continuing) inability to protect their customer's debit/credit cards was huge. So Walmart Rep, (I am asking to be contacted) please read how this security breach affected just ONE person. My checking account overdrafted far over any funds I had available. Two legitimate purchases bounced.

That sent me into a panic about 4 other bills, PLUS my RENT check. All were due to hit my checking acct in the next 7 days. I told my bank that I had a bill that was going to be hitting my debit card (ironically it was my Straight Talk home phone) the following Tuesday (I had my dates mixed up. It was actually due to hit my account the next day).

He then assured me on that day/date (Thursday Jan 5th), that my new card would be overnight express shipped to me, but to not expect to get it until the following Monday (??). No explanation was given. As the fraudulent charges were still pending, I was told to call back the next day to get them reversed. When I called the next day, I found that the charges were reversed, but the fees were not.

I had some cash in my wallet, and as I would get my card on Monday, I'd be OK. The next day, my Mom called me on my cell phone, which led me to think it was an emergency. I use a prepaid flip phone, so my minutes are precious. 'Your home phone isn't working.

What's wrong?" StraightTalk bounced. So basically Walmart bounced itself. I tried to figure out how to get my phone back on. The only way to do auto renewal on the ST website is by debit/credit card.

No way was I going to trust WM with my card information ever again. Finally located the home phone specific refill cards on eBay. They had to be shipped. Just a temporary solution.

On the following Monday, I waited until the mailman came. No card. My dog was sick, and I had to make an emergency visit to his Vet. The bill came to more than cash on hand, so I made numerous calls to my bank pleading with them to at least give me my new debit card numbers, to which they replied "we're unable to do so due to Security concerns".

'My card was however, was due to be delivered that day, by FedEx." FedEx?? I was given FedEx's local phone number (but no tracking number). I asked the rep if they thought the Vet would take my dog as collateral while I chased after the FedEx driver. A little levity was helpful.

FedEx couldn't find a package due to be delivered to my address that day. That prompted another call to my bank who FINALLY told me "they couldn't give me the card # because the card had not been made yet!!" What? Why? "Their system was overwhelmed with customers needing new debit/credit cards due to fraudulent charges" !

! ! My card would be delivered overnight to be there the next day. All day Tuesday.

No card. Called FedEx who said delivery had been attempted at 4:30 pm and no one was home to sign. I have a dog. He barks.

No delivery was attempted. I was assured that my package would be there by 10:30 AM the next day, if it wasn't I should call back. A formal, (and thorough) complaint was initiated by, and entered into their system by the Rep. She was awesome.

Wed 10:30 AM: No show. Phone call received from local depot promised delivery would be made by 12:30 pm.. At 1:30 pm I called my FedEx Advocate. No card was in my hand.

I was told that the system showed that delivery HAD been attempted but that noone was home. The Advocate was upset on my behalf. I had been through the wringer by that time. Getting upset wasn't good for my health.

Longgg story shorter I finally received my new debit card at 2:30 pm on Wed. I'm still dealing with my bank about fees that were charged due to this fiasco. All of that came about as a result of Walmart's ***. I was able to be home on those days because I am disabled.

My checking account squeals. They chose the wrong card to ***. Walmart please clean up your security. This isn't a cashier's hand caught in the tiller.

Do whatever it takes to prevent customer's having to jump through hoops because of card hacking. It shouldn't be this easy for crooks to steal card numbers. Make everyone enter their PIN or sign for EVERY transaction, no matter how small. There needs to be a new policy in place with the consequences of Card skimming cashiers are so tough that it will dissuade others.

Set up a text a tip for those who wish to remain anonymous I want to know how hackers charged over $1,100 on my debit card that was run as a credit.

My bank told me they didn't get my PIN. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1271909

You won't hear from the here, but I'm sorry that this happened. Sometimes it isn't Walmarts fault, but I feel ya.

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