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I didn't do a review back at the holiday time but after tonight I will start with that one first. It was late at night 11ish?

One register got opened up and the nice gentlemen rang all my groceries up. He gets done to find out he has no cash drawer. The mgr, I assume was walking across the front and telling 3 girls things they were running into each other...The one was bringing out cash drawers. The guy ringing me said to him, " I need a cash drawer please." He says ,"OK." So a girl is now putting one in another register, she walks bk several times bringing out other cash drawers to registers no one was standing in.

I'm being patient waiting on my change while ppl behind are wondering what's happening because they were in the only lane open at the time. After so long I said, " Excuse me...He needs a drawer."in a nice tone although I wasn't at this point feeling nice so I watched how I spoke. It didn't make sense to me to continue and not give him one. So as I say this to the mgr walking bk and forth he's on his walkie talkie or something and says VERY nasty ( as if I wasn't patient...He saw how long I had waited) "OOOK I SAID #8 didn't i !??!" First off I'm not looking at the # lane I'm in nor do I know what you're talking about on there...Needless to say he was stressed, I guess ...but there was no need to snap me off like that especially since I was nice to him.

I felt bad for the cashier and he was in amazement as well watching the cash drawers go by. There seems to always be 4-7 ppl standing up front socializing and laughing. what are they being paid for? This is a regular occurrence.

One night they acted as if they all didn't know what to do so the girl on the 15 or less register rang all my groceries. That wasn't fair to others that walked up. If you're paying them open a register or two or three. They stay up front so they're not working the other areas.

Tonight I go in late as usual about 8:30 no one talks at the door anymore. I've said Hi and I just get looked at. Ok. The girl at the deli counter was very nice.

I do my shopping and end up front around 9:30ish 4 girls are standing at one register carrying on. I said, "Are you open?" Two of them looked at me & said nothing. I ask again...The one girl finally says, " I'm going to open #13." I go 2 registers down and wait. The are giggling etc I didn't start putting my groceries up because yet another visit I did that and they then did NOT open said register.

The girl runs by and says she's coming so I start to load the belt. Only other register was the express again. She has only huge bags or very tiny bags. I said , "there's a few on the next bag turn, can I use those?" No response...She kept cramming & slamming my groceries in the bags.

I had all my dry boxes together, all my frozen & wet stuff on the belt together so it should have been easy. No...I got home to dry things wet and things mangled. Sometimes I get some very good baggers and I compliment them every time. She said screamed for someone and said to me, "Oops, I guess that was ghetto." Others were still standing around up front as usual.

She was filling these huge bags and I had to say please don't make them too heavy. I guess she got orders to fill them. Groceries don't do well piled in a bag that high. As I left all down the front end all the bag turns except the one beside us were out of regular bags.

I think they hold 5 or 6 packs on each one and all of them were out??? Who's ordering. I've been mumbled to with a smart comment under a guy employees breath when I was trying to get out of his way, there was no moving for me. This store is so close to my house the ppl used to be super friendly there now with the exception of a few even speak when spoken to but can carry on with thier co-workers.

This store is really going down hill. This is the fourth time I've gone and there were hardly any eggs in that huge section. Maybe problems with suppliers??? This time and last, i left with my legs itching like I had dust mites on me and was fine before going in.

Do they sweep or mop at all?? That's how the other store got, so I left there when this one opened.

Guess it wont be long and bed bugs will be in there too like in Kentucky I believe it was. Just a shame & so disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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lucky WM dont sell me*hanphetamine---he'd be 1st one in line


This is a novel of a complaint.

Would any company read a complaint like this?