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My fiancée went to Super Walmart in Laurel, Md around December 4, 2016. While looking at the Redbox for movies someone came up behind him and pushed his shopping cart with our groceries right out the door.

He turned to get his cart and it was gone so he went inside to ask if someone moved it they said no. He then asked them to check their camera's. They did. They came back and rold him they saw everything.

Aperson came up later while he looked for movies and rolled his cart out the door. We called the complaint department because the manager and security told him to get off the property because he was upset and pissed because they wouldn't do anything. The complaint department have been giving us the run around since this has happened. They say to call back in 3 days and they'll take care of this, but everytime we call ots the same story, (CALL BACK IN 3 DAYS).

It's now February and I'm still getting the same run around.

So can anyone help me. A lawyer if possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Also I have to do the talking because they told him that if he contacts them anymore they will call the police.


You have to realize that you are accountable for your stuff. That's why you watch out for it because this stuff happens everywhere.

But next time, I would ask for a supervisor. I would also call the police because they can pull the tapes and look.


Maybe you are right but my boyfriend has a temper and when he is angry he hits me. I just hope that they settle it soon, because then he won't be angry.

I admit he was not acting the way he should and if he acted that way they should call security.

But they should have gotten to us sooner. That is the issue here.


Troll alert!! Troll alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Contact the police and file a report, etc. Which is what he should have done when the incident happened.


If he did that they would have arrested him because he caused a scene in the store. He was very pissed at what happened that they had to threaten to call the security on him.

Unfortunately ever since this incident he has been very angry and has sworn at me and yelled at me. I am afraid if this does not get settled soon he is going to lose it and hit me.


I agree. They need to contact the police which is definitely what they should have done at the time of incident.


But it seems like the police was not contacted because her fiancee made a scene in the store and was asked to leave. He would have been arrested for his own behavior if this is the case.