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Customer service/returns/money order counter. There's a blond bimbo by the name of "Mary".

There was a woman on line and Mary did not acknoledge her for a few minutes. Then she said to the woman " you have to wait, someone will be here shortly". She was the only one there. A while later two other female associates came and she engaged in conversation while the woman waited.

Furthermore a man came in and said hello to Mary and immediately she turned to engage in conversation with him. All the while fixing her long blond hair and protruding her overly exposed bussom. The woman patiently waited in line. When Iseah came behind the counter he took care of the woman, it took him one minute to do her return since she had the receipt and off she went.

I approached the lady and asked her about her experience, she indicated in perfectly fluid english this was not the first time Mary had ignored her. In fact this had been the third time. The last time she had waited so long she tought of getting the manager. She should have.

No one should have to wait in line when the worker is available and not doing her job! This lady waited almost 10 minutes to do a simple return. That is not acceptable. Doesn't anyone check the cameras and see how the employees perform?

There is something wrong with a worker that will only acknowledge male customers.

She belongs in the stockroom, certainly not out front. Puts Walmart to shame!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Perhaps YOU dont understand the idea of "Hey watch my section while I run to the bathroom". The employee watching the area can ONLY say "Someone will be with you shortly" they CANNOT assist YOU!!!

Talking with someone is NOT the same thing as what YOU wanted to do. Are YOU just TOO GOOD to wait YOUR turn?? Im guessing mommy and daddy NEVER taught YOU how to play with others well. I suggest that YOU learn to be more patient.

And calling someone a BIMBO just tells us ALL that SHE is MUCH prettier then YOU. Probably a LOT prettier then YOU which is WHY MEN wish to talk to HER and NOT YOU! Get over yourself hagzilla! YOU had to WAIT and that is all.

Im thinking YOU are mad that SHE gets MORE attention then YOU and because of this, YOU make a post online in the TYPICAL female fashion. Attacking from behind and in a way that the person CANNOT defend themselves. Im tempted to contact this "Mary" person as YOU have given us PLENTY of info to track her down. WHat is SHE going to say??

Im betting its going to be something simple.

Something like "Hey before YOU LEAVE WORK can I run to the bathroom". But YOU are SUCH a special snowflake that YOUR TIME means SO MUCH MORE then anyone else.

to Anonymous #1321417

The "typical female fashion?" I'm guessing you live in your mother's basement and keep a box of tissues and a container of Crisco under your bed. A real ladies' man lol.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1313684

You only know what you see about people. Not the reasons.

Maybe the associate had problems with this person in the past. Maybe Mary really doesn't work in that area and so she isn't trained to work in that position.

If we are judging, we are not learning. Shame.

to realm188 #1313962

You are wrong, as i stated this is the third time that she ignored me. I don't know what Mary has against me, but she flirts with the male customers which is why I wrote this, to make them aware. I had to wait for ten minutes

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1313970

You stated that she ignored another woman. You're going back and forth. Lying is shady.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1314044

Then complain to Walmart Corporate Headquarters since you are this unhappy about the situation.

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