Golden Gate, Florida
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I walked into Walmart last Thursday on 192 in Kissimmee I am handicapped walked in the door it was the young lady standing there I asked her for an electric cart she looked at me up and down and said for who for you we don't have any they're out the worst employee I've ever come across

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't blame the employee, blame all the lazy customers who use the carts and then abandon them in the car park til they run out of juice.


If the worst employee experience you’ve ever had is someone telling you that they are out of electric carts, you should count yourself lucky. Additionally, those carts are a courtesy only, they don’t have to provide you one.


They are not required to have handicapped carts. If you cannot do your own shopping either shop online, get someone to go with you or get someone to do your shopping for you.


You do realize that electric carts are provided as a courtesy?

A business can choose to do this, but according to the ADA, they are not required to do this.


This run-on sentence does not make sense except for the part that the OP is upset that this particular Walmart does not have any working electric carts.

The ADA does not require any business to provide electric carts for the handicapped.

According to the ADA any business must be handicapped accessible. This just means that any handicapped person has to be able to enter the business.

OP, are you able to get around without using an electric cart since you were able to walk into that Walmart? Perhaps the employee wondered why you needed an electric cart since you were able to walk into that Walmart.

If you need an electric cart, then it is best that you provide your own.


You are right it seems that the OP's handicap is being mentally retarded, unfortunately that does not qualify for her to use the electric cart. It is only for physical disabilities not those that are mentally disabled.