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I had a horrible experience A the Walmart in Mililani Hawaii. I went to the sporting goods and purchased a container of BB's which I had a associate remove from a showcase.

The same associate rang me up and I was not given a bag so I Place the item in my bag since I had more shopping to do. As I was browsing an associate asked me if I needed help and I told her I was fine and she asked me again if I needed help and I told her again I was fine and she asked me again if I was sure I needed help and I said I was fine and she told me I need to leave the store. I was already agitated by her constant badgering and asked what I did wrong. Apparently she thought I was shoplifting.

I was already agitated and after that I was offended and I snapped and swore to her and when I asked another manager why I was asked to leave I was told that the manager felt threatened but the reason why I got mad was because she tried to accuse me of stealing. I left and went back to return the item I purchased and there were cops waiting and I was issued a trespassing warrant and banned from their store. I may have been wrong for getting angry but I do not think that I should have been badgered and asked to leave. I mean I thought they had cameras and loss prevention officers.

I may have been wrong but I was not given an explanation or apology.

On top of that I am banned from the store. Not that I will want to shop there again

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Since you stated that you will not shop at the Walmart you went to, why would you post a complaint about the incident there?

Exactly what does this accomplish?