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The older hispanic lady at the deli with the fresh food must really hate her job or it must hurt her face to smile and be nice. I asked for a medium cup of macaroni & cheese, she says, "what, i can't hear you".

I repeated myself, a medium size cup of macaroni and cheese. She stands there and says "what else". Still, no greeting, no smile, no change in her tone. I said the chicjen strips in the front.

She goes and grabs some plate containers and said, "you want a plate, they're much cheaper". I said no thank you. At this time we're both just standing there starring at each other. She again says, "what did you want?" I repeated my order for the 3rd time.

She AGAIN says, "the plate is much cheaper". I politely declined again and saud, no ma'am, thank you. She proceeds to put 2 spoonfuls of mac n cheese in a MEDIUM size container and says, "is that enough?" I said, "no, can you fill it up since i specifically asked for a medium container". She then asks what else i want.

AGAIN, i say, the chicken strips in the front (4th time repeating myself). She litetally "drops" 4 strips in the bag, "tosses" the tongs where they hang and slings the bag on the counter without closing it, folding it or taping it closed. All while the lady behind her just stares. Then she walks off and proceeds to start talking to her co-worker which i can only presume was about me because they both look back at me.

Unprofessional, tacky and simply rude. I remember why i usually shop at HEB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fargo, North Dakota, United States #1183685

So this rude lady just threw your food on the counter. I just find it amazing that after such torturous treatment, she'd practically had you FREE food by not putting deli labels on it that hold the bags shut and allow you to ring up at a register.

Maybe she was rude...and maybe she smelled a racist s.o.b comin who had "oh great, an old hispanic lady" painted all painted across their face since you just HAD to point it out to us.


I can't imagine working in Walmart with all the rude, ignorant people that shop there BUT, if a customer is being polite, the employee should never be rude. It just p*sses that polite customer off and makes them want to be grumpy to employees as well. It's a trickle down effect.


Don't you realize that walmart employees don't get paid enough to be nice. Also they have to put up with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of gross, disgusting customers on a daily basis, not saying you are.

The nasty trash they put up with every day makes them rude and unpleasant. Welcome to walmart world where the customer comes first, not the employee.

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