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I was in the Wal-Mart in garland Texas the on market street. Friday the 15th 2016.

I bought something that was only a $1.00 and a little bit of change.

I gave the cashier a $100 to break change for me. When she gave me the receipt back and my change I noticed she put I only gave her a $1.00 and it said I had no change due back to me . Then I noticed she had short me by $8 bucks . I called them to handle it they told me I could back and get my money .

But when I did they spoke to me as if it was *** and told me I had to talk to their store manager. One pissed of consumer ain't nobody got time for all that .

Just do you're job right and go by what y'all say. Don't do the opposite y'all turnin costumers away like that then you loose good costumers and wonder why..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Not everyone grew up with a sliver spoon some people may not be will educated.. Y'all lucky internet exist cause you come to my home town and talk all that mess out the side of you're neck you wouldn't make it 24hours..

hiding behind a screen telling people they are lying and you don't even know the situation or what happened and you're judging me and my life by a petty review really who's the childish one ..

it's people like y'all that make are world a shxtty place .... the silver spoon feed stuck up no heart having spoiled rotten *** children of the world body is perfect so quiet acting like y'all are everyone has a skeleton in their closest and if you say you don't you're only lying to yourself...


Did you read the replies. Did you read and understand what she wrote.

She claimed she bought an item that was over a dollar and the cashier put in that she was given a dollar.

She claimed she was given no change at all, then claimed she was short changed $8. In a later reply she claimed she was short changed $99 dollars.


I gave the cashier a $100 what I bought was a Arizona green tea which only cost a $1 . She miss printed the receipt and shorted me by $8 bucks which means she only gave $91 dollars back. You people need to learn how to read for real..


This doesn't make sense. If your total came to "$1.00 and a little bit of change" then the transaction would not have been closed out by the cashier keying in $1.00 because it would need the "little bit of change" amount. I think you were trying to make the cashier think you had given her a $100 bill when in fact you did not.


I don't know who you think you are trying to tell me what I had and didn't have. I work hard for a living and I know exactly what I gave her . I don't have to pretend anything cause I'm not fake and I bet if the internet didn't exist half of you dummies wouldn't have the big balls you have to come say some of the shxt y'all say to a mother fuxker in person and that's real talk.


If this was not the internet you would not have the guts to admit to lying trying to trick the cashier into giving you money for $100


Okay well let's meet in person then . Cause now I have proof and it's 100% from the store manager him self. I'll tell you what I'm a grown woman who ain't got to hide or lie about shxt .


*** you. I ain't gotta prove *** to you or anyone else cause y'all ain't me or living how I live and I don't need to trick anyone. I'm grown don't need to do that kinda stuff maybe you do since you're judging me by a post.


It is a shame that the people deleted the posts where I caught you in your lie. But I guess this site thinks it is okay to steal, just like they think it is okay to make homophobic posts, to cyberbully, to make fun of people who are h0mosexual, why they even filter those terms, to make sexist posts.

This site is going downhill and being sued. Anyway here is what you posted in your original review which they deleted when I proved you had holes in your story.


When she gave me the receipt back and my change I noticed she put I only gave her a $1.00 and it said I had no change due back to me


Here you claim that you were not given change.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I noticed she had short me by $8 bucks . How can you be shorted $8 if no change was given to you.

I get it, you went back to her line because you forgot things and again paid with $100, despite being ripped off $99. You did not make a scene because you said yourself they have security.


F.y.i I don't know who you think you been talkin to maybe it's someone using the same user name or a troll or something I don't know. But I do know for a fact without a doubt I haven't deleted shxt from here.


I was unaware that so many costumers shopped at Walmart.


They do, that is why they are one of the top ten profit making businesses.


Nah, just people who can't spell "customer".


I don't know who y'all are talkin to like that cause I work hard for a living and maybe y'all should mind you're own *** I was just getting off work I wanted a *** Arizona green tea and that's all I had on me at the time and no bank near by. So y'all can go on somewhere with you're rude and negative ***


Um, if you want us to mind our own business, then don't post your petty grievances on a public forum.


I honestly don't know if you think you're impressing someone by making it obvious that you're packing hundreds in your wallet -- Well, to be fair, you ARE getting the attention of any pickpockets nearby, I'll grant you that -- but you are NOT impressing the workers. You are just making them hate you, and making them suspicious that you're trying to trick them into giving you too MUCH change back.


I have to agree with you if they are trying to scam the cashier they should at least use the Baywatch method when the mother gives the cashier a hundred dollar bill, with the words "Happy Birthday Joey on it" Then gets her son to pay with a ten dollar bill and say that he paid with a hundred dollar bill and claim that the bill with the words Happy Birthday Joey was his. Since the mother already paid with the bill(with the words on the other side) the cashier thinks she made a mistake and gives change for a $100 instead.

Just don't look at each other until you leave the store. However Joey is really a girl and pretending to be a boy to deceive people even more.


Easy solution, stop treating stores as banks and actually go TO a bank to break your big bills mister high roller. Let me guess, you do this all the time at every store you go to and wipe out their tills causing headaches for every other customer because you want to flash your Benjamins


I went to her line a second time when she shorted me eight dollars and i gave her another $100 bill i forgot to buy something and it came to another dollar and she only gave me 91 back instead of 99 said she gave me all my money back. thank for replying.

You must think because of my name i am black, but I am not, and that is why you think i am lying, I let the first mistake slide because she threatened to call security and have them check the cameras but the second time I wanted my money back. she stole a whole $99 from me


Acutually, noone stole a thing from you because your just another identity theft troll who likes to pretend you are the OP. Get a life little boy, your mommy is waiting to tuck you into bed.