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I ordered stuff online I was buying that was pretty time sensitive (stuff for a cancer care basket for my mother and two tables for my girls to eat off of while visiting her because her tables small and the kids got to eat at kids old school thanksgiving lol) so I needed it within two days of my purchase online. Online it said it would be ready within an hour of my email but to wait for my second email to go up there.

The next day I got all my emails but couldn't get up there so I thought on the way to mom's I'll just pick it up n put the basket together real quick in the parking lot. I got up there....noones got my online numbers.....noone has ANY info at allllll on my purchase. After showing the lady all my emails and my online order thru the store on my account and about an hour and a half of fighting for someone to help me figure out the order and were it was.......they decided to just go take the stuff off the shelves and give it to me working it out afterwards since I had very little time. I wasn't mean i didnt huff n puff( I'm not like that...I'm not the one you see screaming let me see your manager or demanding justice I catch my fly's with honey so we say holding laughing and keeping cool about it.) I thought that it wld be fair if they gave me my stuff like that, i mean i did have ALL my info n my they come back and allllll the stuff I ordered was on the table they had to mark it to zero or something and give it to me at thier loss since IT WAAAS thier fault not mine I paid for it.

Then a big shot district or some kind of manager came down asking what was happening n the lady explained and he took her aside whispering and stuff and he decided he had to see all my info and we litt had to go thru EVERYTHING all over be it I've been dealing with them for two and a half hours now. For stuff I paid for got emails was ready AND A TEXT saying come get your stuff. Fine like I said I have never lost it at a store because I dnt blame most employees for mistakes life is life it happens.( Althought I waaaas getting annoyed because I was now late and still had a two hour drive.)so he decides to check my orders prices against what I had paid online to what was thier price in store. Well apparently it was about eleven dollars and change cheaper online for all I ordered and he tells me quite rudely I might say that they cannot honor it because it isn't the same price as in the store.

So....keeping the little cool I had left I said....know what that's fine I'll pay the 11$ difference. Keep in mind they already marked half the stuff to zero and once you do's unsellable now anyways. And he tells me sorry call 1800walmart we can't help you. The poor employees looked embarrassed.

prob because I did keep my cool for two and some odd hours when a norm person wld have blown up and they REALLLY did try helping me and were awesome about it all.s o I said wait you mean i can't get my stuff I paid for I need it today for a family function I'm not rich I cannot go out now and buy it all AGAIN before I I was getting short with him.and he tells me call the number they will do a refund and you will get your money back in 2-4 weeks.WHAT?!?( I NEVER LOST MY *** IN A STORE BEFORE THIS MOMENT.....)I had ordered my dieing mother- fuzzy claw slippers a seriously pricey robe and 2 cute comfy pajamas for the hospital, yoga pants, a coffee maker that takes those k cup thingies, six pairs of aloe socks, moisturizer ,a huge basket and wrap for it all and dnt forget two fold up 30$ tables for my girls....and he wldnt let me have the stuff I ordered paid for and had all my proof for and remember all the stuff they already marked to zero, the hassle of makeing me late and he wasn't going to honor my order because of 11$ that I was more then happy to pay for just to get the *** outta there and see my mom! I called 1800walmart right there and explained it all to them they even talked to the manager guy and they get back on with me saying sorry there's nothing we can do. I had 30$ to my name at the time(single mom with five kids).....and I was about to go to a family function for my mother who was sick with allll my other family going too that we all made special arrangements to make baskets for her....and I had nothing. I cried lol I litt cried and the manager turned his back on me during my small breakdown and walked off and left the poor employees to deal with me.

They apologized and looked so upset for me.i ran out of there in tears and noone helped me.oh....and it's been a month since this and I still haven't gotten my refund...but I got a text this morning saying my order was ready.REALLY WALMART???

I'd say worst customer service ever but most of them were really awesome. They neeeed to fix they're issues and they neeeed to hire better managers that have a shred of customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1208843

I'm so sorry, honey. This is one thing that I do not like about shopping online.

No overhead.

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