Nampa, Idaho
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Horrible customer service ! I was trying out a hula hoop to buy for my kid and a bunch of workers were just sranding around glaring at me and my friends .

so finally one of them comes over and asks me to stop even tho i tried to explain i was gonna buy it so i apologised and started walking around still looking for a gift for my kid .

and as im walking around the store the horde of them were just following me for at least 2 mins .then i stopped to look at the pool toys and picked up a pool noodle and asked my friend to read the price ( i have dislexia) and they come over again and are like if u dont stop messing with the mechandise where gonna have to ask u to leave and i told them we were just looking at the price and they were still being rude about it ! Hope it was worth it cause me and my friends aint buyen nothing from u guys again !

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It doesn't matter if your were going to but the hula hoop, you shouldn't be playing with the merchandise in the store. It's disruptive to those around you.

I would hope since you have a kid that you are an adult. Adults should know they're is a way to present themselves in public places.

I also doubt you were just looking at the pool noodle. More likely you were horse playing with them as well


if you have dislexia then by now you've forgotten the incident. take care and enjoy your next trip to walmart.